So what should we do?

Today in the evening, when I was considerably happy staying over with a friend, he said, “You are not happy being with me nor do you enjoy your time with me, so what do we do then?

For me I have known him for years now. I have always enjoyed his company and the attention he gives me in comparison to other things in his life. Or was it just the initial excitement that drives you when you get into a new bond. Last evening I told him I didn’t like a few things when we were together, did he assume I am NEVER happy with him.

There have been times, when everything went wrong, but the bond I shared with him was great, I mean it could bring me back the comfort I lost in the worldly affairs. He has been a great companion, or is he right?

. Is it some kind of reality check, that we are not fit to be together.


Is it the doomsday arriving ?

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