The Greener Grass

Technically it has been 8 days since I finished my masters course class training. I am supposed to begin my internship after 3 days. I wanted to reflect back on the 1 and a half years journey that I lived through. The path was not simple and also not smooth as always a four lane road. In fact, the road is jam packed and rough most of the times. You need to pave your way through the numerous experiences, people, courses, teachers and through time.

College as I once believed was only fun, and friends and canteen food and bunking lectures and mocking teachers. I believe that was just one of the types. When I started college for my masters degree, it was altogether a different experience.

Difference was in terms of geography, population, food, culture and values that every individual place holds for itself. These were two distinct places. One made you feel like a free bird and had a non interfering audience while the other was like a bothersome neighbor who would turn up to your apartment in case the lights were switched on after 10 in the night. One was as fashionable as a ramp walk event and the other was a sober pajama party.

One was as flooded with abuse and the other was dry. Yes ! A dry state.

One was full of spices and sour delicacies while the other served sweet daal for dessert.

One had a touch of Punjab and Party music all around, the other played with their drum sticks on words of Phalguni. And the last, one had a mean audience even when its name had hearts while the other had love and prayed its land.

Studying at the former I would have never experienced the later. The grass is not greener on the other side,

“the grass is greener where its watered”.