What We Talk About, When We Don’t Talk About Natives
Dia Lacina

I am just sick to death of every Tom, Dick and Harry “protected class” generating controversy over fictional creative works. This is just political correctness run amuck. In the name of reason and logic it needs to come to an end.

“Please remember that indigenous people exist, that when you write about tribal/indigenous societies, you’re writing about us — even in fictional contexts.”

Please remember that your indigenous people who are located in the USA live among people that have rights that include freedom of speech and by some measure freedom of expression.

What level of creativity do we really have as people if we need to consult with various groups in order to create fiction that doesn’t offend people? What you are suggesting amounts to a politburo for those who participate in the creation of creative works.

We as people need to get over ourselves. This identity politics isn’t a way forward. Especially in the context of a fictional work.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a great game and no one should be upset about the fictional elements of the story. If you are than you are a person who is just waiting to be a victim.

This reminds me too much of local news stories that talk about Caucasian people moving into minority neighborhoods as “gentrification” and minorities moving into Caucasian neighborhoods as “diversity”.

If we are going to move forward as people in a manner that makes us a more color-blind society perhaps people should stop being offended at what white people are doing. Why are there a special set of sensitivities rules just for Caucasians? One could call this bigotry.

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