The article you linked had not mention of any kind of police investigation into Comet Pizza and…
Daniel Gordo

I tried to reason with you, but clearly you will not accept anything short of pedophilia being discovered at this establishment. You’re wrong, but you have a right to be wrong.

What I said wasn’t fake. The article clearly states what I quoted from it, and the police stated the theory Pizzagate was fictitious. As you are fond of asking others, if you did research you would know Pizzagate is the claim pedophilia is occurring at the establishment. Police said the theory is fictitious, which is the implication that the there is no pedophilia. If you did research, you would also discover the building in question has no basement, hence no ability for reporters/news crews to go through it. You clearly do know something of Pizzagate though, as you knew enough to bring up the basement.

I hope you come to a point where you are not assuming the worst of government, people, and pizzerias without any credible evidence. And by the way, for the police investigation you are asking for, there would have to be probable cause/suspicion. It protects Americans from the government’s illegal search and seizure you require.

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