Doge4F@H: A Dogecoin community initiative to help scientific research

In 2014, we reached to /r/Dogecoin for the creation of a fund to make our Doge community discover Folding@Home. Since then, the project has matured a lot and we would like to present it to a broader community.

Folding@home is a distributed computing project which uses the power of more than 200,000 computers across the World, generating 42,000 Teraflops. All this power is dedicated to scientific research, aiming to cure diseases like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease and many forms of cancer.

The Doge4F@H initiative aims to donate unused computing power to Science. This computing power is provided by people who are no longer mining with their equipment or who simply would like to lend a helping hand, and at the same time, thank those shibes for their services by offering them a symbolic amount of dogecoin.

In order to thank shibes who concentrate their efforts to help science, we continually raise funds and redistribute, each week, a part, according to the contribution of each one to the work of that week.

Whether you have a simple computer or a GPU rig, you can make good use of your computing power, and help scientists in their effort to look for remedies.

You can also send your donations in dogecoin; they will go directly to scientific research, and at the same time will be redistributed to the community. Difficult to make better use of it!

Donations for the project go to DCFaH9p7NBKkHdhQ2cEaZ89sMTcFXTBHdR.

The first round: 1 million dogecoins raised

During the first two years of the campaign, we succeeded to raise enough dogecoin to launch the project and offer a weekly reward defying traditional mining of dogecoin.

In April 2016, we launched the project on our website and began paying the participants with a weekly prize pool starting at 20,000 DOGE and gradually moving towards our goal.

Since February 12, 2017, we have distributed between 25,000 doge per week and 80,000 doge per week. Actually, our team counts as many as 80 active folders!
The dogefolders team moved up to 166th position, out of 226,784 other teams. We have contributed with 805,270,928 points and completed 124,285 work units.

The reward system

Each week, a prize pool of 35,000 doge is withdrew from community donations and distributed among the folders according to their contribution to all the work done during the past week.

The reward received by a folder (Rf) represents the proportion of the points it has acquired (Pf) compared to the points acquired by the entire team (Peq), taken from the 35,000 doge prize pool.

Second round

In order to run for another year, the project now needs new funds; and we turn toward the cryptocurrency community; people who are willing to help can send their donations to DCFaH9p7NBKkHdhQ2cEaZ89sMTcFXTBHdR.
You give to others and help scientific research against diseases that mankind has been suffering for too long.

If you want to support the project further more and make your donations add up to the weekly prize, you can contact us on by email and we’ll give you a custom address where to send your dogecoins. Your name will then appear in the funders list on the site frontpage.

Hang out with the community

If you are interested in the initiative, want to learn more about it or just want to hang out with the community, you are welcome to join us:

IRC Chat: #dogecoin-f@h on Freenode
Telegram group: Doge Folders group