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Ok. So before I said the obvious I went to YouTube and actually listened to this before commenting, so I could offer an informed opinion. Here goes:

If, after listening to this album you can write with a straight face that the person who created it has anything to do with rock music, much less is a rock star, then you lose any future credibility as a writer. Sure, if you called it pop music and admitted that it was pretentious and saccharine but you still liked it, then at least you would be honest. But pretending that this sonic fart has anything to do with the proud tradition of Rock spanning from Elvis to the Stones to AC/DC to Bruce Springsteen to Pearl Jam to the Strokes is asinine to the highest degree. It is so inaccurate that I am now convinced that the writer is either a relative of someone affiliated with the album or a paid shill. In either case, dishonesty of this magnitude is inexcusable and makes me question the logic of returning to a website where someone paid to write for it can be so wrong.

To be clear, I am not necessarily impugning Mr. Styles (beyond the obvious low hanging fruit) who clearly strikes a chord (hah!) with his listeners. But to reference MICK JAGGER multiple times in the article and include lines about how it would blend in on a classic rock station is just a flat out lie, unless the writer has actually only read about the Rolling Stones and looked at pictures of them rather than listening to Sticky Fingers or Some Girls. Keep the reviews honest please, that’s all I ask!

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