Wayne Grudem retracted his support for Donald Trump… citing the fact that he didn’t know the morality of Trump, really??

You actually thought that he might be a really morally upstanding man when you supported him a few short months ago???

This is the ONLY sane statement in Grudem’s column on Townhall.com

“…if we fail to vote against the liberal support for abortion rights, government imposition of gender confusion on our children, hate speech laws used to silence Christians, and government-sanctioned exclusion of thousands of Christians from their lifelong occupations because they won’t bow to the homosexual agenda — will our failure to oppose these evils also destroy our Christian witness for the future? Will our grandchildren ask us why we failed to stop the imminent triumph of anti-Christian liberal tyranny when we had the ability to do so?”

Wayne went on to “ask trump to withdraw” which shows his complete disconnectedness with reality… He is a good theologian and should maybe stick to that…

Asking Trump to withdraw at this point is completely stupid, impossible and is nothing short of a cowardly surrender to liberalism.

But, at least he ended with this Bible verse about “…what Daniel told King Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon long ago: “The Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom he will” (Daniel 4:17).”

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