20 Things Men Can Do RTFN to Support Women
Helen Rosner

Complete bullshit…
But let me elaborate:

1. Why is this a male-only-problem?
Within womanhood there is so much hate and jealousy, so we should work on that before we can tell men to work on their views.

2. I am pro-choice, but I believe everybody should have their own opinion. 
We, as pro-choice people, should educate others why pro-choice is the right thing.

3. Support men’s healthcare, too. Why only women?
Men die younger than women, get prostate cancer (women don’t).
Why don’t women support that?

4. Nope. I am a woman, I need to pay for these things.
Men need to pay for Viagra if they can get it up any more too (way more expensive).
And that is embarrassing for men also.

5. Paid parental leave sounds good. In Germany we have that for men and women ;)
(Women get more parental leave by the way)

6. Uhm, why can’t everybody decide for themselves? If I don’t want to prioritize men’s issues, then it is my choice. Completely my own choice and nobody else’s.

7. “Force” is the keyword here. Does that mean, when I am watching movies with my female friends I need to invite male friends too?
Or at least ask why there are no men present? I know why they aren’t present: I don’t want them to.

8. Why? Seriously. When I don’t want to do that, I don’t need to do that. That’s for every human being to decide.

9. I seek out heroes that I can relate to. So should everyone else. The important thing here is why they are heroes for oneself and what “symbol” they stand for. There are crap women in history to choose too. Like Irma Grese who was a known Nazi guard in concentration camps. Killed thousands of people.

10. Seriously? Do you have nothing better to do in your free time than to think “There aren’t enough buildings with female names”,
well then there aren’t enough ships/boats with male names.

11. Why? Do you watch soccer and have belching contests? Did you try “men stuff” for a while? Or why are you so entitled to tell other people what to do??

12. What?! I can’t express enough how offended I am by that statement. I, as a woman who seeks EQUALITY(!!) not male oppression, am appalled by this statement.
Just to explain: Equality means that everybody everywhere has the same rights.

13. When you need support reach out to people who can support you. 
Best example today: I have serious neck and back pain right now and I can’t apply the lotion myself. What did I do?
I asked two male co-workers if they could do it for me. Why? Because I trust them more than most of the women that work here with me.

14. Why? Do you consume media marketed by men?
I don’t care who marketed it. If I like it, I like it. If I don’t, I don’t. Easy as this.

15. Here is something for you: deprogram your beliefs about muscular male bodies and appropriate facial hair being an optimal state of masculine beauty. Deprogram your beliefs that your desire matters in determining a man’s worth!

16. Stop trying to tell people how to live behind their own closed doors. It is none of your business. Or do you like being told what to do when you are home alone? I didn’t think so.

17. Here’s to you: Stop thinking in races and genders. Start thinking about the individual person.

18. I think you should swallow your own words here: Believe people when they say they’re in pain. Guess what: Men can also be in pain.
Pain is universal.

19. If I don’t want to be kind, I don’t need to.
I certainly don’t want to be kind to you. You seem like those entitled girls back in school that bullied me because of me being me.

20. I hate children, but this is only my opinion. 
But I believe, that when your child is befriended by a men you don’t know, you would call the police.
So this statement is complete bullshit.

And this whole article is bullshit….