Why Community Management is Important

[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

Repeat after us: community, community, community.

It’s all about community, man.

We’ve been preaching the benefits of creating an Instagram community for a very long time, and now Dash Hudson is enabling every social manager to efficiently foster their tribe with a shiny new community management tool. Our Instagram marketing software now facilitates communicating with your followers by allowing you to reply directly to comments from your DH dashboard. 😎

Here’s why this is a big deal.

It Will Help Your Team Be More Reactive

When it comes to social media (and with everything else in this world, come to think of it) time is of the essence. If you don’t promptly reply to comments — whether they’re questions, praises, critiques, or a sweet hello — people will assume that you don’t care. Which is obviously not the case. We all get swamped, and even if your company’s community manager would like, they cannot spend the brunt of their day glued to their smartphones. By keeping the Community tab open in their DH dashboard, they can get replying in the immediate!

It Will Save You Time

This functionality will allow you and your team to swiftly demonstrate how sharp you are, and tending to your community online versus on mobile will also save you guys time. Instead of interrupting daily tasks to check mobile devices and proceed with thumb-thumping on a petite keypad, everything can now get done from desktop. Flow on.

It Will Boost Your Engagement

Spoiler alert: your own comments count as regular comments, and you guessed it, serve as engagement-boosters. The algorithm is a sucker for interactions, and the quicker the better. Translation: the faster your post receives interactions, the likelier it is to show up in people’s feeds. If you reply to your Instagram comments in a timely fashion, it sends a message on the backend that your post is garnering activity, and will therefore be prioritized to be seen by your followers. And here’s the kicker: that will actually increase Instagram engagement even more as a whole.

It Will Help You Spread the Love

Put your consumer hat on for a quick sec. Wouldn’t it make you warm and fuzzy inside to see that your favorite brand knows you exist and also takes the time to interact with you? Social media is (surprise!) meant for socialization, where not only friends are able to connect through photos and videos, but also where communities of strangers congregate around their shared appreciation for a particular niche. As a brand, you are that niche. Community development strategies are de rigueur for staying in the game with heartfelt sprinkles of love.

Your followers are willingly choosing to be on the receiving end of your marketing material when they hit that blue button in your profile. That means a whole lot considering your audience probably comprises mostly millennials, a generation that is not known for its brand loyalty, and is much more receptive to experiences. With Dash Hudson’s new built-in community management functionality, you’re going to be able to showcase that you’re there for your people while simultaneously giving them a brand experience. This tactic is likely to generate feelings of loyalty. It’s a full circle social media strategy.

It Will Lead to Sales (Or Web Traffic)

Think about it: you probably get a hefty amount of questions about product on your posts (or whatever your offering is). When you’re scrolling manually on your mobile device in the hopes of being able to answer all of them, a large clump undoubtedly falls through the cracks, directly into the black hole of the Unanswered. This leads to frustrated customers and likely missed sales opportunities.

Now that you’re able to monitor your comments directly from you desk and answer in your actual posts straight from your DH dashboard, you can nail a few extra sales by replying to every single product question. Pro tip: turn it into a friendly subliminal sales pitch! Just don’t get all 1984 on your followers.

Of all our social media tools, this is the one that will make you feel closest to your audience, and we’ve only just begun to make it as robust and magical as it can be. Starting today, you’ll be able to reply to comments in specific posts, filter comments by influencers, and download a CSV for individual posts for further analysis. And there is much more functionality coming soon.

Now it’s time to get cracking on all that community management. Reach out at any time with questions! Not a DH fam member yet? Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help.