Hillary, Trump OR an American Athlete?

HOT TAKE: Athletes should run our country.

Most of us can agree that our political and presidential situation right now is not the best. We are being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. I know there are other parties but, lets be honest, if they dont get in the media spotlight quick, these next four years will not be a bright spot in American history. With this being the reality we face, I started thinking, what other realites could there be? I went with what I know best. Sports.

Sports bring people together. They make us feel things, yearn for things and want to be better. Maybe that’s just me, who knows. Anyways, with the way Americans look up to professional athletes I thought, ‘Hey why not let them run the country?’. Is this idea flawed? Maybe. Will it ever happen? I’m going to go with negatory ghost rider. But hey it’s a fun idea to entertain.

“How would this work” you ask?Without further adieu, I present the New American Sports Order.

Ground Rules:

  • All people running for office must be American born
  • Most of the voting will be in the form of the new Standard Voting Procedure (SVP)
    - 50% American Public
    - *50% Media members (Political and Sports)
     * The media gets 50% of the vote because it is their job to know these athletes and people. They have a better understanding of who they really are.
  • Cannot have a history of drug use, felonies or any other undesirables.


The president will be chosen by the following criteria –

  • Five candidates every four years. These four years will align with the Summer Olympics.
     - Three spots will be filled by the best overall performers in the Summer Olympics that year. Voted on by using the SVP.
     - The last two spots will be reserved for every sport not represented in the Summer Olympics. One person will be chosen to represent their sport by their respective Players Association. From there the field will be narrowed down to two candidates by using the SVP. These individuals will fill the remaining two spots in the presidential race.
  • The five final candidates will run for president and the winner will be determined by 100% public vote.

Reasoning: The Summer Olympics should hold three spots in the presidential election for two reasons. First, these athletes more often than not train not for a team or a championship but rather to represent their country and bring home gold. These athletes truly do represent America and define what American sports stand for. Secondly, the Summer Olympics can bring the country together unlike any other sporting event in the world. When Americans watch the Summer Olympics they are not watching the sport, but rather their country.

The last two spots are open for every sport not represented in the Summer Olympics such as: American Football, Baseball, Softball, etc. These last two spots are open so that anyone from any sport can run for President. After all, this is America we are talking about. Everyone deserves a chance.

Vice President:

The Vice President will be chosen by the following criteria –

  • 2 candidates every four years. These four years will align with the Winter Olympics and the World Cup.
     - One spot will be filled by the best overall performer from the Winter Olympics using the SVP.
     - One spot will be filled by the best overall performer from the FIFA World Cup using the SVP.
  • The two candidates will run for VP and the winner will be determined by 100% public vote.
  • The VP will oversee Foreign Affairs and all members of Congress.

Reasoning: The VP should be represented by either the Winter Olympics or the FIFA World Cup because members of these sports often play in different countries or compete with people from around the world. They have a beat on what is going on around the world unlike most. They travel the globe and get to experience things that most American athletes don’t. That is why they should be in charge of foreign affairs. Lastly, because these athletes are so well rounded they can be more impartial when it comes to overseeing Congress.

Presidential Cabinet:

The Presidential Cabinet will be chosen by the following criteria –

  • Spots will be filled by a representative from each of the Big 4 American sports organizations.
  • The head of their respective Players associations will make up the cabinet and reside as long as the standing president does.
     - Each year the cabinet member will receive a new special advisor. This advisor will be the MVP or the best American born player of their sport.
  • Cabinet duties will be broken down as follows:
     - NFL: Justice, Treasury, State, Commerce
     - NBA: Housing, Energy, Labor
     - MLB: Agriculture, Interior, Education, Transportation
     - NHL: Defense, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, Health

Reasoning: The cabinet is made up of members from the four most popular American sports due to the fact that they know what is going on in America and with the American people because they see it most days. They will be able to give aid and insight to the president based off of their knowledge of the general public. There are reasons for the departments they represent but I will get into that later.


Congress will be chosen by the following criteria –

  • House of Representatives will be made up of 435 NCAA coaches. The more NCAA institutions a state has the more Reps they get. Voted on every two years by residents of the states.
  • The Senate will be made up of Hall of Famers. These 100 members will be voted in every two years by the residents of each state. Hall of Famers can be from any sport. Have to be born in state they are representing.

Reasoning: Coaches are the ones that have trained these athletes and shape futures. They know how to problem solve and help people grow. Why can’t they do the same with America? The senate will be made up of Hall of Famers because these are some of the most respected and distinguished athletes of all time. They know what it takes to be great and they can sure as hell “Make America Great Again” better than anyone else could.

Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court will be chosen by the following criteria –

  • 9 justices will be appointed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court will be made up by Commissioners or Heads of sports. The positions will be:
     - NFL Commissioner
     - NBA Commissioner
     - NHL Commissioner
     - MLB Commissioner
     - UFC Commissioner
     - MLS Commissioner
     - WNBA Commissioner
     - Head of US Summer Olympic Committee
     - Head of US Winter Olympic Committee

Reasoning: As Commissioners or Heads of some of the most popular American sports organizations, these people know what it takes to make an organization run smoothly. They have to make tough calls regarding all kinds of issues. They oversee these athletes that will now be running the country and have the mindset of how to bring them all together to make their organizations as a whole run smoothly. They will be perfect in judging what America needs to remain the greatest country in the world.


President: Summer Olympian or an Athlete from any sport.
*Vice President: Winter Olympian or FIFA World Cup player.
Cabinet: Heads of Players Associations of the Big 4 American sports will special advisors from their respective sports.

House of Representatives = 435 NCAA Coaches
Senate = 100 Hall of Famers

Supreme Court: 9 Commissioners or Heads of sports

* I realize that the Winter Olympics/World Cup don’t align with the Summer Olympics. I think that having a change every two years can create and interesting dynamic and prevent things from getting static for four years.

I am aware that this isn’t a perfect system. It is a rough draft and an idea that I have played along with. If this post gets traction, I will go more in depth and iron out the details.

Let me know what you think and/or let me know if you have any ideas on how to improve this system. Hell, if you have an idea for a new political system go ahead and lay it on me. Comment below or on social media. My usernames can be found in my bio.

I look forward to your feedback and hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s #DashOfNash

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