Familiar Pain

Cuts heal & remain visible

At times you may not even feel kissable.

Latch on to faith.

in the line you’re last so that it lasts, just wait.

truth hurts, but lies don’t heal.

is it still a sin if it’s your heart I intend to steal?

I’ll gladly bite the fruit for you

you badly fight the truth, poor you.

Accept the pain, welcome the deceite.

To let them continue to hurt you is to accept defeat.

Stare at the angel in the mirror.

Release past demons & be born again purer.

you feel damaged. I see a soul seasoned.

It’s usually the pains in life that come with the heaviest reasons.

stress no longer, ache no more.

Pack up the tears, & walk out the door.

One day you wake up & your hearts no longer sore.

I know this because ever since I’ve laid eyes on you, mines aches no more.

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