Why You Can’t Find the One: Part 2
Heidi K. Isern

Dammit, where can I find wolf women? My last few girlfriends, I was attracted to as I thought they were comfortable in their own skin, secure in themselves and their own identity. Far too quickly it turns out they needed/used me to define them. I’ve travelled a lot, mainly alone as friends have bailed, and grown incredibly during that time. I’ve been single for long periods of time because I am not interested in accumulating a warm body ‘just because’.

You’d think it would be easy to find ‘wolf women’ in Australia, but, most are needy and once the initial period of a relationship passes, desperately want to nest and get me to nest too. Which, knowing myself, won’t work for me. I am wild, and need my wildness respected.

Ever seen that movie The Girl and the Fox? The Fox trusted the girl while she simply enjoyed their relationship. When she tried to trap the fox, everything ended.