One Woman’s Brilliant “Fuck You” to Wikipedia Trolls
Andrew McMillen

I forgot to mention — I’ve long suspected a lot of chauvinism and sexism in the Wikipedia moderator/editor community. Sometimes it’s tiny things in the way articles are written, other times it’s pretty obvious there’s a bias. I had a friend many years ago (2001) who was involved in a giant internal ‘war’ between factions of Wikipedia contributors — he was effectively pushed out, and stopped contributing in disgust.

So, ignominious behaviours by power-seeking factions inside the Wikipedia community has been going for a long time, and it’s why I don’t believe the impartial facade Wikipedia puts on. Behind the scenes, there’s filthy, grubby backstabbing politicking, just like any other collection of humans. I’ve donated once or twice, but I know much of the material is biased, incorrect, and skewed.

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