Baloch Liberation Army called to protect national interests

BLA fighters participating in a traditional war dance

The latest adherent to the national interest argument is Baloch Liberation Army’s (BLA) statement regarding the informal visit of one among the commanders of BLA to India, in which it is stated that a committee is being formulated to probe the matter, which is being observed in Baloch socio-political flanks as a visit paid for personal interest by bypassing national interests and high command.

On July 24, Baloch Liberation Army released a statement in which emphasis was laid on organisational discipline, rules and principles. The statement further said that BLA has a firm commitment to the set disciplinary rules and regulation, which are crucial factors for any organisational sustainability and to the success of Balochistan’s freedom movement. Besides, the statement shows the commitment of BLA to set a disciplinary committee against Aslam Baloch who transgressed the organisational principles through his not mandatory visit to India.

The significance of this statement is worth-bearing for the liberation movement of Balochistan because Baloch Liberation Army has ruled out the popular claim of Pakistan that Balochistan freedom movement is foreign funded, instigated or a foreign based proxy war. Baloch Liberation Army’s that statement is also a crystal clear message to the regional and international powers that despite being in a weak position and combating against a strong and barbaric enemy Baloch nation and its defending organisations specifically BLA does not and let not let anyone compromise on national interest. The set cause, approach to it and the parameters of determination are very clear before BLA, which hold the popular manifesto that without firm discipline minority cannot defeat a strong majority.

The geographical division of Balochistan both in the Middle East and South Asia, which are epicentre of proxy wars, are determined geopolitical advantage for Baloch nation to understand the varying nature that how national liberation movements get diluted through proxy wars and how the freedom fighters became mercenaries or freelance soldiers, and how it has evolved since 1945 in ways that directly reflects geopolitical, economic and cultural changes worldwide. During the World War Two, there was an evolution of special forces to run guerilla against Nazi Germany and Japan, such soldering encouraged a freedom to dare, and to think, in a way that was foreign to the ordered structure of traditional regular forces. Most ostensibly during the era of Cold War -where client states and other armed bands had fought one another as surrogates of East and West. The popular examples reflects during the freedom and guerilla campaign of Angola where The People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and The National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) were hijacked and operated as proxies who despite getting their freedom, did not satisfy their nation because of their compromising nature, which was evident during 2008 parliamentary elections, where FNLA received 1.11% of the vote, winning three out of 220 seats.

Baloch Liberation Army is committed to protecting the national interests of the Baloch nation whether they are economical, political or geographical. Vice versa, the other part of Baloch Liberation Army’s statement stated that if there is any state policy of India to support Baloch liberation movement, despite that, Baloch Liberation Army will not let any affiliated member violate the discipline and rules because no one is superior to national interests and discipline. BLA with the entire Baloch nation seeks moral and political supports from the entire world, whether it may be from eastern and western countries. Today it is evident that despite all hurdles and burdens Baloch Liberation Army coupled with Baloch nation would never compromise on national interest organisational rules, disciplines and principles.