Fun little experiment here hidden within some really serious stuff (fun part is how much writing can be put here before I run out of space)

Seriously, first off I know I say this a lot and give out sub letters of thanks however sometimes one needs to address all in certain ways. THANK YOU from the deepest parts of my heart for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has supported me in my journey here on twitch no matter the support, Follows, Hosts, Raids, Monetary support of any kind, game gifting, tweets and any other way that you may have supported the channel that I do not aware of.

Secondly, there is some stuff that NEEDS to change in order for me to get that sub button, I will be blunt I will do whatever takes in order to get it, those same words were mentioned pretty much on day 1 of me saying I was going to go the distance. Now where a lot of things have changed, somethings still remain and will be changed in due time (some will be tomorrow some will be end of the week some will just take time [ideas on paper, people to speak to, methods of executing said ideas]).

Tomorrows change will be the way I act on twitch… in order to be a professional broadcaster on Twitch, one does need to present ones self as such. (Yes I will most likely still tackle hug you). This means you probably will see less messages from me for the time being whilst I fumble for the correct words and the right approach to other messages. YES this is going to be difficult as fuck, as well as a challenge on twitch this is also a challenge in my personal life, which segways perfectly to the next changes.

ALSO starting TOMORROW Twitter will be more professional (punctuation and grammar as well as what I post) This also goes for every other piece of social media. Personal and Professional will be separate so no more personal ventings about the bitch who is sat on the bus who just let rip and is stinking out the whole place (you get the jist). I was thinking along the lines of having daily “shower/toilet thoughts” that would spark discussion among people etc etc.

NEXT (yes there are a lot of changes) RULES, this is more of a recent thing that I have been forgetful and lazy about, I have mentioned that there would be some tweaks (not a complete overhaul) of the rules, this WILL be effective by the end of the week IF NOT BEFORE! There is also a few thing/s I need to man up, put all my insecurities behind me and just fucking do it/them. This will be noticeable when thing/s have been done.

Oh and one last thing… you, YES YOU! thank you ❤ keep being awesome thank you for reading and thank you again for the support no matter the method

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