Spider-Man: Homecoming is more than just a welcome home party.

Spider-Man: Homecoming logo ( Photo from Marvel Studios)

(Note: This was written as a small opinion piece for a comic book blog on 4/25/16 )

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the prodigal web-swinger’s spectacular return to his rightful cinematic universe. Of course as a life long Spidey fan, I’m ecstatic to see a “John Hughes style” Spider-Man film (John Hughes is the best, just wait till I get my ass to Shermer, Illinois. Where all the honeys are top-shelf but all the dudes are whiny pussies. Except for Judd Nelson, he was fuckin’ harsh.)

But on to the point, why does Spider-Man joining the MCU mean a lot even to people who couldn’t stand that menace?

Because a solo Spider-Man movie in MCU continuity is a premonition of a shift coming after infinity war. Now this is just speculation on my part, but the winds do seem to be blowing this way and I’m not the only Robin tweeting it.

Now the shift in question seems to be to a more street level focus à la the current Netflix series, but at a feature-length level. This may seem counter intuitive to some, changing what’s working now and replacing it with smaller tighter films, but the thing is what their fighting against is fatigue. Not “Superhero fatigue” like everyone keeps yelling about, but “Oh my god it’s the end of the world” fatigue. There’s only so many times you can have world ending stakes before those stakes become meaningless.

This future shift to a more street level MCU would give us more grounded stories like Taskmaster or Moon Knight more frequently, that way when we do get the big event Avengers Doomed:The rise of Galactus. It’ll really be the end of the world… Hey a guy can dream right?

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