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An interesting read, Saul. I’d argue the point that placing a series of videos online means that you’re aware that your putting yourself out there. I think the video is silly. I’m sure some find my writing silly. Sensitivity towards Transgender’s is not my stance or priority. When I publish an article, I am open to disagreement, harsh criticism, and ridicule. Thus is the life of someone who creates anything.

I did not hunt down, target, and harass a person minding their own business. I did not snoop or pry. I simply shared my experience the way I experienced it. If some are offended by it, it was not my intention. The punchline isn’t transgenderism (is that word?), it’s my ass backwards perceptions of the events taking place that morning. It so happened that the person was transgender.

Let’s not transmogrify this into something that it isn’t. The singing is bad, and would be bad, despite gender. But it entertained me in that fact, and inspired me to write. This was not a political peice. This was anecdotal, and nothing more.

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