In defence of Marcie
jaga n.a. argentum

It’s highly possible that you didn’t finish the read, and that’s fair. As easy as it would be to determine I was making fun of this woman, that is not the case. It takes absolute guts to be yourself in front of a large, annonymous audience. If you’d finished the read, you might have seen that I left with a sense of respect for the person.

I’d like to also point out your willingness to allude to my own, deep seated homosexuality as a matter of insult. Way to go. That’ll teach em’, right?Interesting with the hash tags of #Equality and #LGBT that you would use such means to insult, if equality is actually what you are after. Supposedly, I am the one with the problem, and you have the moral high ground? Prove it.

Using terms like “person” should never be a means for offence. We are all people. I don’t know Marcie personally. I don’t know his or her orientation, and my unsurety is my fault? Ambiguity is a choice, and we don’t get to be angry at those who aren’t read up on the many genus’ of sexuality that exist today. This addresses a large elephant in the room on the topic of transgenders and the LGBT. Here’s the truth of the matter.

You can do what you want in life, and with that freedom comes the inability to control the perceptions of those around you.

Marcie has the ability to present her (or his) self in whichever manner he or she chooses. That is her right as a citizen of Earth. She also has the right to dress like Batman and patrol her home town. My right as a citizen is to perceive my environment and surroundings as I see fit. You don’t get to be offended if you strike me as odd. That’s the choice you made when you chose to express yourself. I too, am able to express myself. People will look at you differently. Your going to have to deal with it.

Likewise, as you exercised, have the right to also observe what I have created, and judge it, based off your own experiences and beliefs. That is the beauty of discussion. That is the beauty of self. Where did it become a point of contingency for us not to look at something and deem it strange, and much worse, say so.

Marcie doesn’t need your defence.

This is a person who is bold and unique. Is it funny? Yes, it is, to me. I am allowed that. Why is it funny? Because it’s the exact opposite of what I expected. I have the express right to confront and question in a manner that doesn’t condescend the person in question. I got a laugh out of her art. I paid her attention. The joke was on me because my perception of the situation was off.

I’d like to end with this. During the pleasant read of your thought provoking response, you challenged my heterosexuality, and my identity as a musician. By your own thought processes, you do not have the right to tell me I’m not a musician just because I have a day job, just like I can’t assume you are a man, just because you have a penis. I was born this way, and playing music is something I’ve always done. Though I never identified myself as a serious musician in the read, you took what you knew and deigned a judgement was in order. If you want equality and difference, you can not use the methods of your oppressors.

Ensure your footing when you take the high ground, because soap boxes are slippery, and blind anger worse so. Thank you for taking the time to read my article (most of it, at least).

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