Discover the Opportunities with Email Marketing Integration

Bet you are willing to provide your email marketing tool with a valuable feature, and Microsoft Dynamics integration might become handy. Check more inside.

Every organization has its list of demands and problems are not an exception. Within day by day questions only arise: How better to improve departments interactions and optimize the overall database management? How to develop the workflows and boost the revenue? CRM integration can address these and many other issues and help to power up your company.

Open New Opportunities with Email Marketing Integration

Some organizations broadly use the email marketing service as it helps to succeed in the enhancement of user’s work and automation of routine tasks.

Client’s demands grow even this very second, so as they emerge rapidly, vendors are moving ahead to accurate data analysis, reduced customer lifecycle, and CRM integration, comes as a must-have feature, as well. It supports other options for the interaction but also enhancement of business development.

Profit growth is one of the crucial objectives. Integration with CRM platforms can fuel up this process and deliver the awaited ROI and customer loyalty rates.

The Advantages of Email Marketing Integration

Every business app requires constant updates to keep the pace with the industry changes, and email marketing isn’t the exception. While looking for powering up your functionality, the integration with CRMs will offer practical features for you and your clients. Being more specific, let’s unwrap some of the values:

  • strengthen relationships with clients,
  • secure and rapid information exchange,
  • save time and advance data management, and customer experience personalization,
  • increase the qualification process,
  • measure and analyze ROI of each marketing campaign,
  • track all the activity by gathering them as tasks in CRM,
  • collect all reports of subscribers activities, clicks, bounce rates, unsubscribed users, and
  • analyze the KPIs and weak areas in performance for further advancement.

If you look for upgrading, and a simple delivery part is not enough for you, then you should consider the email marketing integration with CRMs.

How Microsoft Dynamics Integration Can Improve Business?

Eventually, the needs of clients and vendors grow, and to comply with these demands you will seek for the CRM to join. One of the market leaders is Microsoft Dynamics; it offers both ERP and CRM applications to streamline and simplify business processes, including intelligence and machine learning for proactive analytics.

Many industries already employ this platform that brings valuable opportunities to a broader customer base. Diving deeper, Microsoft Dynamics supports a lot of industries (i.e. retail, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, government, human resources, etc.)

To cut it short, the integration with Microsoft Dynamics will lead to a business development and increase the number of successful opportunities you can gain with it.

Building a Seamless CRM Integration

Thus, choosing Microsoft Dynamics integration building, it may sound pretty expensive and time-consuming. With Data2CRM.API, you get broader options. The unique API-based service offers you the connection and data manipulations with Microsoft Dynamics and also with other 16 CRM platforms.

With this new option of CRM integration, you will provide your users with such capabilities:

  • Real-time updates of contacts’ profiles,
  • Optimization of lead qualification,
  • Enhanced data managing,
  • Advanced analytics and improved approaches to ROI calculation.

Data2CRM.API enables multiple interactions with various CRM platforms via building one integration. So, you don’t have to connect to each platform separately, what speeds up your software functionality.

To Sum Up

Business world is highly competitive, and adding CRM integrations as a new feature will extend your functionality, gain more customers what will lead to higher revenue. If you have any questions, you can schedule a call with our expert and find out more details about Data2CRM.API.

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