Bitrix24 to Salesforce: Approved Tips to Direct Data Migration

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The implementation of CRM system brings high-end technology for prolific performance, establishes more close-knit relationships with customers, as well as improves the team spirit and collaboration levels.

Thus, there is often a cloud on vendor’s happiness represented as unstructured database, raising licenses costs and dropping ROI levels. Chasing the aim to be competitive and productive, businesses come up with a decision to change the CRM solution that drags them down.

Bitrix24 vs Salesforce: How to Run Prolific Sales in the Cloud

The SaaS solutions broadened the limits of the small and mid-size businesses and helped them to corner the new market niche. In the diversity of cloud platforms, you will find Bitrix24 and Salesforce as leading and practical options. Despite some shared aspects, these two systems differ in feature sets.

Many businesses look for a CRM that will increase the effectiveness and income of sales performance. Salesforce places a primary focus on the selling processes and provides such abilities as

  • Opportunity management for planning the transactions and routing them through the sales pipeline to the closed deal
  • Sales collaboration abilities boost the inside cooperation rates while the forecasting capability aids in time and human resources distribution for productive performance
  • Apart from contact manager, Salesforce provides the option of sales data that collects new leads and records related to the recent transactions
  • Another advantageous module is sales performance management that helps to analyze, monitor the processes and reveal the weak and strong sides of your team for further coaching

Due to these practical and valuable opportunities, vendors migrate from Bitrix24 to Salesforce.

Secure and Direct Migration Mode

CRM migration strategy consists of several steps. So, you have to deal with the database cleansing, records backing up and employee training. After that, it is time to choose the means for Bitrix24 to Salesforce transfer.

To ensure the flowing of business processes, you need to migrate your data directly and automatedly. So, the web-based service Data2CRM is a beneficial option to solve this issue. It works online without any programming or data importing. Moreover, there is no side-effects or human interaction.

Clear-Cut Guide to Bitrix24 to Salesforce Transfer

Step 1. Visit Bitrix24 application directory and install Data2CRM plugin on your Bitrix account.

Specify your Bitrix24 URL in the corresponding field. Then click ‘Install’ to add the application to your account.

After that, create your Data2CRM account at

Step 2. Define your Bitrix24 CRM from a drop-down menu and provide your URL.

In case, you aren’t signed in your Bitrix24 account, press ‘Authorize’ and you will be redirected for log in. Otherwise, click ‘Continue’ to proceed with migration.

Then, select Salesforce from the wizard menu and press ‘Authorize.’

Then, permit the access by signing in to your Salesforce account.

Step 3. Choose CRM modules you want to migrate to Salesforce, map the modules and run a free Demo migration.

Step 4. In case, you are satisfied with the demo, start your full Bitrix24 to Salesforce migration.

Feel suspicious about the automated data transfer? Give a shot to Data2CRM and run a free demo switch to evaluate the work of the service in progress.

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