Define Guide to

Bitrix24 to Insightly

CRM Migration

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The advent of CRM technology changed the course of establishing and sustaining customer relationships along with cost saving and processes enhancement. Yet, the avalanche of various CRM platforms, types and capabilities make the choice of the appropriate one quite uneasy.

Basic CRM Components

Generally, CRM system should provide you with such features as

  • comprehensive contact manager with easy access and timely data updates
  • options for clients, prospects and company records analysis
  • customer segmentation tool for enabling data-driven marketing and targeted, responsive campaigns
  • customizable metrics for measuring the successful and ineffective activities, revenue, and ROI

Obviously, each business owner has a different mindset and requires different set of tools for goals achieving. However, Bitrix24 and Insightly are quite practical and effective solutions for organizations of various sizes.

Birtix24 vs Insightly: Improving Objectives Performance

Among the cloud CRMs, Bitrix24 and Insightly share the reputation of efficient, easy-to-use and affordable solutions. Thus, many vendors give their preference to Insightly as long as this CRM

  • has the major tools for process management without extra options that may complicate the daily round;
  • integrates with the back-office systems and numerous useful add-ons;
  • enables customizable reports for measuring the effectiveness, and filters for data search and customer segmentation;
  • offers an overall company and project management

So, the migration from Bitrix24 to Insightly may be a good option for advancing your business and improving the quality of services you offer.

Dealing with an Automated Data Switch

In the process of arrangement of your CRM transfer, you should take care of your database and check it up for copies, as well as backup it on the off-site device. Pay attention to your team and set up a training course to ensure the high user-adoption level.

Concerning Bitrix24 to Insightly switch itself, you may use a web-based service Data2CRM and migrate your records in an automated, direct and completely hands-off way. Besides, the SaaS has no impact on the uptime of your current CRM.

Managing Bitrix24 to Insightly Migration

Step 1. Go to Bitrix24 application directory and install Data2CRM plugin on your Bitrix account.

Provide your Bitrix24 URL in the corresponding field.

Then click ‘Install’ to add the application to your Bitrix24 account.

Step 2. Register your Data2CRM account at

Step 3. Specify your Bitrix24 CRM from a drop-down menu and provide your URL.

In case, you aren’t signed in your Bitrix24 account, you will be redirected for log in.

Step 4. Define your Insightly from a drop-down menu and specify your API Key.

Step 5. Select CRM modules you want to migrate (accounts, leads, tasks, contacts and opportunities).

Step 6. Set up a free demo to test the service in action. Data2CRM will switch a limited amount of records from each specified module.

Step 7. In case, you are satisfied with the results, start your full Bitrix24 to Insightly migration.

CRM data transfer is a complex task that requires a well-thought plan and preparations. Take the vantage of a free demo and assure yourself that you may migrate to the desired CRM with ease.