Highrise to Bitrix24

Data Switch: Troubleshooting Guide

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CRM became a practical asset for business running. Regardless of the size and industry companies use this solution for productivity and revenue increase, as well as for establishing customer relationships. Yet, some businesses suffer from their CRM limitations or overinvestment into tools they are rarely used. These are the initial signs of CRM migration.

Coming Up with CRM Shift

As any situation and issue, CRM switch has a twofold nature with pros and cons. However, some reasons for migration to a new CRM are common for a considerable amount of business owners. Here is the checklist

  • the wrong choice of CRM vendor
  • growing costs of licenses and maintenance
  • limited functionality
  • elaborated UI
  • data lockup

Considering these facts, many businesses give their preference to the cloud solutions that provide the cutting-edge options for improving company performance.

Highrise vs Bitrix24: Extending Business Boundaries

Cloud computing rocked the business world with practical innovations. And CRM industry is no exception. Many solutions keep growing their popularity — Highrise and Bitrix24 are in this list. These two have different features and characteristics, and some vendors prefer to move from Highrise to Bitrix24 due to

  • automation of the sales and marketing processes
  • customer segmentation tool and direct phone and video calls to the clients
  • performance and ROI analytics, as well as sales pipeline
  • mobile app support and integration with your website
  • customizable workflow for managing the company workload among the employees
  • built-in document sharing and intranet for improving in-house collaboration

Data Migration: Indispensable Actions to Take

Some business owners say that CRM switch is a decision that requires weeks to consider. However, these time is need for preparation for this process but not for thumbs twiddling and speculations. There are 3 vital steps you should take care of.

Records Arrangement

You should gather all your records and refine your data to the requirements of your desired CRM. Besides, check up your records for duplicates and empty fields. Backup your data to prevent the critical records from damage or loss.

Employee Trainings

The way your staff uses CRM influences your profits and company performance. Despite the intuitiveness of solution, set up trainings for different user roles to ensure the system adoption.

Approaches to Data Transfer

Records can be migrated via files import or programming script, but it takes a lot of time and efforts, moreover, the services of web developer are quite costly. To save your time and money, you may use the automated service Data2CRM for Highrise to Bitrix24 migration, and avoid all switch hurdles in an automated and direct way.

Direct and Accurate Highrise to Bitrix24 Switch

Step 1. Go to Bitrix24 application directory and install Data2CRM plugin on your Bitrix account.

Provide your Bitrix24 URL in the corresponding field.

Then click ‘Install’ to add the application to your Bitrix24 account.

Step 2. Create your Data2CRM account at app.data2crm.com. Provide your name, login, a phone number and choose a password.

Step 3. Define your Highrise URL and API token.

Step 4. Specify your Bitrix24 CRM from a drop-down menu and provide your URL.

In case, you aren’t signed in your Bitrix24 account, you will be redirected for log in.

Step 5. Select CRM entities you want to transfer to Bitrix24 (accounts, contacts, tasks and opportunities).

Step 6. Run a free demo and see the service in action. During this process, it will switch a limited amount of your records.

Step 7. Start your full Highrise to Bitrix24 migration.

CRM migration supposed to have a series of strains and obstacles, but with an automated service you may avoid them. So, give a change Data2CRM and set up a free demo for evaluating the work of this solution.

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