Hubspot CRM to Insightly Migration: Get a Chance to Enhance Efficiency

Today’s business running with CRM system is a common need, not a luxury. The organizations using the software for a while may notice that it fails in performing and complicates the workflow processes. As a result, instead of changing business strategy, some companies decide migrating to a new CRM.

CRM is not a young industry anymore. It comprises not only popular solutions that are on the market for a long time but younger ones as well. Hubspot CRM and Insightly, relatively new platforms, are among them. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of the systems and identify the reasons of transferring from Hubspot CRM to Insightly.

Hubspot vs Insightly: Essential Points of Comparison

Both platforms are popular among the small and mid-sized companies and include a number of compelling features. Lead and contact management, social media integration, custor support and various customization options — all are offered by the systems.

Logically rises the question why to switch from Hubspot CRM to Insightly? We offer you a brief comparison of the platforms:

Hubspot: Simple Step to Company Prosperity

Hubspot is a young platform that works great with the businesses of small sizes and popular for the next features:

  • the solution offers you “Find Companies” feature that helps find the information on companies you are targeting. Get more insights into who the organizations are while building these types of records. Note: when sending emails to the companies, you can send only one at a time.
  • Sidekick extension helps you receive real-time notifications as soon as the leads are engaging with your business. For example, you can monitor when the potential customers visit your website or open the emails.
  • Hubspot integrates with Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar to nurture communications and coordinate the processes better. However, Sidekick doesn’t update the current company records you transfer, it creates the duplicate instead.

Insightly: Intuitive Touch to Business Growth

Insightly is an easy-to-use solution that fits the needs of the small and mid-sized organizations and is popular for:

  • the system helps you track milestones, leads, projects and dialogues with customers. Also, you have an opportunity to link related items together to move between the records fast.
  • the platform integrates well with other applications like Google Apps, Dropbox, Quickbooks Online, etc. Though, there is no automated email forwarding.
  • Insightly enables you with managing tags that can be connected with contacts, projects, organizations, emails. You can group the items or set up the filters to narrow down the search options.

As you can see, Hubspot and Insightly CRM are sufficient solutions that can bring your organization to the desired success. However, if you are looking for the solution with more intuitive interface and sophisticated features, then Insightly would be a right decision. Consider the following suggestions to migrate from Hubspot CRM to Insightly successfully.

Pre-Transferring Arrangements

The appropriate planning is a key to the smooth transferring process. Take into account the following suggestions:

  • organize and clean out the redundant and outdated data
  • create a data backup to prevent information loss
  • consult with the team what records to relocate, as well as leave behind

Hubspot CRM to Insightly Migration without Hassles

After the preparation steps are behind, you may proceed with the actual data transition. Take advantage of the automated migration service Data2CRM to perform the secure and swift transfer. The SaaS offers you the beneficial features of data mapping and free Demo Migration. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the interruptions of any business processes.

Post-Migration Recommendations

Even though the data transfer is over, it is suggested to take a few more steps for successful Insightly implementation. Start with checking out if all the records were relocated to the proper places and explore if all the relations are retained in the right way. Also, set up the specific filters for analytics and create the personalized workflow rules. Finally, don’t forget to equip your team with required tutorials for faster system adoption.

Point to Conclusion

Migrating from Hubspot CRM to Insightly is your chance to reveal the new areas of your company success. Take all the hints above into consideration to perform the migration from Hubspot CRM to Insightly. Test the service in action, start free Demo Migration right now! me

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