SugarCRM to Bitrix24: Hat-Tip CRM Migration Guide

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Looking for a more customized product and better service, customers may come to from your competitor or vice versa — leave you without a trace. The development of relationships will ensure the preempting such nasty incidents. With CRM solutions, you will facilitate process management and reveal the new channels for communication with customers.

Do You Need A New CRM?

Businesses always keep the track of the innovations and compare their CRM solution almost on a daily basis. That’s why the question about system change frequently raises until vendors are sure — it is the high time to migrate data to a new CRM. So, the top list of reasons for platform switch includes the following points:

  • on-premise solution without a cloud version
  • outdated version with 2 or more updates
  • cumbersome user interface
  • lack of functionality and limited customization options

Mentioned above and many other specific aspects drive businesses to the data migration. Currently, we can observe the preference to a cloud CRM with full-featured option sets.

SugarCRM vs Bitrix24: Powerful Tools for Business Growth

In the CRM world, SugarCRM is a robust and effective platform that works for businesses of various size and industries. Thus, Bitrix24 is a relatively young solution that gained its vast audience due to practical tools for managing the overall company at an affordable price. The increasing number of vendors migrate their data from SugarCRM to Bitrix24 mainly because of

  • automation of the customer-facing processes and integration with the website
  • various user roles and access rights permissions
  • built-in voice and video calls along with the support of mobile apps
  • effective customer segmentation, reporting and sales funnel options
  • personal document storage with abilities to create and edit online
  • project management module for planning, monitoring and calculating the effectiveness along with workgroups communication and data sharing options
  • system also integrates with third-party add-ons and mailboxes

A free plan for 12 users is another attractive characteristic of Bitrix24 that draws business owners’ attention.

Proved and Tested Automated Migration

Want to switch on the business growth engine with Bitrix24? Thus, first should go some actions to prepare your database and team for the upcoming changes. Make sure that your records will work on the new CRM properly. For this, you need to check them for duplicates, missing fields and backup cleansed data for file losses or damage.

Then you may go down to SugarCRM to Bitrix24 migration. The automated data switch has already earned its reputation. So, you can take the advantage of Data2CRM. This SaaS works online, requires no coding or human interaction. Additionally, it has no side effects on the existing system uptime and lasts up to a couple of hours.

Practical Guidelines for SugarCRM to Bitrix24 Data Switch

Step 1. Go to Bitrix24 application directory and install Data2CRM plugin on your Bitrix account.

Provide your Bitrix24 URL in the corresponding field.

Then click ‘Install’ to add the application to your Bitrix24 account.

Step 2. Register your account at

Step 3. Define your SugarCRM URL, login and a password.

Step 4. Provide your Bitrix24 CRM and specify your URL.

In case, you aren’t signed in your Bitrix24 account, you will be redirected for log in.

Step 5. Choose modules you want to migrate (leads, contacts, accounts, tasks and opportunities).

Step 6. Run a free demo to see the service in action. Data2CRM will transfer a limited amount of records during this process.

Step 7. Satisfied with the demo results, then start your full SugarCRM to Bitrix24 migration.

Prolong considerations just waste your time, so set up a free demo switch and see how your data may look like on the desired Bitrix24 CRM.