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If you feel that your business has grown to the point where you feel a CRM system would be indispensable, you should not only choose carefully the one meeting all your functionality needs, but also consider the funds you’re ready to invest into this helpful tool.

In case your choice is now waving between SugarCRM vs SuiteCRM, this post is aimed at shedding some light on the crucial points and helping you make the final decision.

A Brief Look

Let’s get down to what essentially the two CRMs are. They are both open source customer relationship management systems, which means anyone can modify and customize the code to their taste. SuiteCRM is a fork of SugarCRM, created by a development agency SalesAgility, who actively contributed to the SugarCRM Community Edition and authored a couple of its popular modules. It actually is based on Sugar’s Community Edition, with lots of modules added.

Experienced vs New?

SugarCRM, started in 2004, now enjoys wide popularity worldwide, with over 1 million users in over 80 countries. It’s quickly growing, adding new functionality and has promising perspectives.

In spite of being very young — it was launched in 2013, SuiteCRM has already caught attention of many users, 2,500 of whom registered their accounts in the first 7 days after its “birth”,

Freemium vs Free?

SugarCRM presents freemium pricing model. This means that anybody can get access to its Community Edition for free or pay for the three other plans. The trick is, its free version has a lot to catch up with compared to the paid ones and lacks many essential features. Another thing is, the Sugar’s developers don’t seem interested in the growth of Community Edition, investing their time and efforts into the profitable editions of the software.

SuiteCRM, on the other hand, is an open source solution, and its developers claim it’s going to be so always. Quite an argument, if you’re on a tight budget – or just prefer saving costs if you can.

On Demand or On Premise?

There’s actually no strong distinction between the two systems in question here. However, you should know that SugarCRM allows to choose to install your software on the cloud or on premise, and there’s an opportunity to select also cloud providers and switch between the two methods.

SuiteCRM provides the downloadable and SaaS versions, but the former one is free, while the latter – paid. Although, the price is lower than that of Sugar’s.

What About the Features?

Since SuiteCRM is based on SugarCRM (ver.6.5 to be exact), then its quite logical to suppose that it possesses the features Sugar does (its Professional Edition, actually). Its developers also added some novelties, like integration with Google Maps and Security, Reports, Marketing modules etc. So, turns out you get more for free than you do for money.

How do They Look?

SugarCRM has been frequently accused of using an obsolete-looking interface and the design lacking sophistication and customization opportunities being not very easy to find and use.

SuiteCRM has corrected this pitfall and added a custom theme, so users can select their own colours, fonts, logos etc — and those things are a breeze to do.

So, hopefully you already know which of the two abovementioned CRMs would be the best fit for your business. But if that’s not yet the case – there’s a great opportunity to download both of them for free and play around with them to compare SugarCRM to SuiteCRM and see with your own eyes what they’re worth.

In the event that you’re using a CRM already, but would like to switch to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM, that’s easy to do with Data2CRM automated migration service. You don’t need to pay for your migration – just a few minutes and a couple of mouse clicks to set up the move – and you’re good to go.

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