Vtiger to Salesforce: Secure Migration with the Flying Speed

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Once Bruce Bennett said that all clients’ needs and expectations are vastly different. So, if you sell some products or provide some services, you definitely need to have an individual or even specific approach to every client. However, how to manage this, if you have thousands of customers? CRM system is a great solution. The software constantly develops and offers a fusion of the most efficient approaches for the revenue and customer loyalty rise. However, there is more than one suitable option. We propose you take a critical view of Vtiger, as a well-featured system for a moderate price and Salesforce, as a skillful coach for fast and prolific sales.

Vtiger vs Salesforce: Impression at a Glance

Vtiger is a representative of the open-source CRM solutions with effective and useful features for profitable performance at the sales battlefields. This system is an affordable and competitive CRM platform. It is a fork of SugarCRM that was design for small and mid-size businesses.

Vtiger offers 3 versions with various features and tools.

  • Sales:
  • Starter — $10/ user/month/billed annually
  • Professional — $20/user/month/billed annually

2. Support

  • Free
  • Starter — $10/ user/month/billed annually
  • Professional — $20/user/month/billed annually

3. Ultimate— $30/user/month/billed annually

Salesforce is one of the most popular and wealth-featured CRM software. This cloud platform offers practical tools and opportunities for efficient sales and marketing campaigns. With the help of this CRM platform you can enhance the main obstacles of data managing, optimize the uptime of your departments and increase the customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Salesforce provides its users with 4 editions for reasonable pricing.

1.Salesforce IQ CRM Starter — $25/user/month/billed annually

2. Lightning Professional — $75/user/month/billed annually

3. Lightning Enterprise — $150/user/month/billed annually

4. Lightning Unlimited — $300/user/month/billed annually

Performance of Front-Line Processes

Sales, marketing and customer support are the main and essential processes of any CRM platform. So, let’s check up and compare the performance quality of Vtiger and Salesforce.

Vtiger enables you will the following opportunities and benefits.

  • The extensive contact base you can design a full customer portfolio
  • Activity management will keep you in touch of every event in your company
  • Optimize the teams’ work and automate the task distribution and email sending out with the help of workflow
  • You can build lists with the customers and leads categorization according to certain criteria (important, ready-to-buy, prospective, etc.)
  • The campaign targeting and tracking offer the real-time monitoring of the process
  • Reporting enables you with the crucial information of the planning future projects
  • Vtiger provides a case management and self-service portal for solving customer issues

Tools and features of Salesforce that will improve your company.

  • Sales console offers you the detailed view of clients and leads, as well as reports and all the data connected with the customers, for smarter and faster selling
  • You can facilitate the work of marketing and sales department with the help of marketing automation
  • Monitor your departments’ performance and connect with people and grant the access to the data with opportunity management
  • Salesforce enables you with the detailed analytics that takes a real-time status of your business from your deals and campaigns accomplishing, quality of services and feedbacks in the social media
  • The marketing abilities of this system are far-reaching and innovative. So, you can perform email and mobile campaigns as well
  • Multi-channel support will help you to predict and track all the possible complications, so you can provide the qualitative and fast answers

Summing up all mentioned above, both CRM systems — Vtiger and Salesforce have strong and weak sides. However, it is up to you which one can meet the needs of your company and the demands of your customers.

Power of Automated Migration

Data2CRM provides the unparalleled ability of direct and accurate migration from Vtiger to Salesforce with a neck-breaking speed. The procedure lacks the additional installations and technical skills for successful CRM data transference.

How to Move from Vtiger to Salesforce

  1. Go to http://app.data2crm.com and sign in.

2. Define your Vtiger CRM type from the list. Then provide your Url, username and API key.

Then, specify your target CRM. In your case, it would be Salesforce.

4. Approve the permission to your database, by clicking “Allow” button. In case you aren’t log in, you need to provide your Salesforce login and password, after that you’ll be redirected to Data2CRM wizard for completing the migration process.

3. Select migration modules you want to migrate, map the fields and users and runs a free Demo Migration.

4. In case, you are impressed with results, start full Vtiger to Salesforce migration.

Now you are aware of the unique opportunity of automated, direct and precise CRM data migration. Don’t miss this extra offer! Register your account and start Vtiger to Salesforce migration in fast, accurate and secure way.

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