Vtiger to SuiteCRM Migration: Find Your Way to Success

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Since CRM software is used by marketing specialists, sales and support managers, company faces a dilemma which system will be the most satisfied option. Marketing and sales probably take over the world in not-too-distant future. So every vendor should search for versatile and elaborate CRM software which will be focused on developing innovative and successful business instead of painting pretty pictures. If you wish to be a happy victim of your success, you need to find a sophisticated, onward and suitable CRM software for any business. There is a long list of CRM solutions, however, Vtiger and SuiteCRM are representatives worth to be viewed as options.

Striking Balance

Vtiger didn’t suddenly materialize out of nowhere, it was forked from SugarCRM in 2004. This web-based, open source CRM system is intent on providing basic tools and rich features capable of engaging your business to grow up into a profitable one.

Power Qualities

  • Vtiger is by far the best to cope with targets which are set by freelancers, small and mid-sized companies.
  • In fact, it provides a delicate balance between offered opportunities and price ($12 per user/per month).
  • One of the main reasons of popularity of Vtiger is resourceful marketing approaches. Management modules such as lead, account and contact, campaign and security ensure you with necessary standard options.
  • If you find yourself in stuck and need some skilled help, customer support and service will assist you to cope with this issue and provides you with the best solutions.

Weak Sides

  • Vtiger has a free version, however, the maximum number of users is three.
  • Despite the interface of this system is conceivable, the customization process could be very tedious even for experienced and technically skilled users.

Born to Win

SuiteCRM is a rare example of a truly modern, dependable and functional software that is suitable for setting a blistering pace to development of your business. As well as Vtiger, SuiteCRM is open-source. This potentially sophisticated system isn’t only up-to-date, but provides a good degree of ingenuity for an affordable price.


  • SuiteCRM plays an important part in the development of multinational enterprises, charity organizations and a wide range of different mid-sized and small companies.
  • This software can boast of its unparalleled and effective services such as requirements gathering, design solution, system integration, custom modules and plugin development.
  • There is a customer-centred policy, so the support of their clients is definitely referred to SuiteCRM strong sides.
  • Customization allows a certain amount of flexibility and can satisfy all possible demands.
  • This CRM software provides access from any mobile device and at any corner of the world.


  • The interface isn’t very intuitive, and the upgrading process requires some efforts, but all this isn’t as laborious as people think. Besides SuiteCRM offers online training which makes you aware of the efficient possibilities provided by the variety of its features, options and services.

Expectations and Reality

Vtiger or SuiteCRM is the dilemma needed to be explored. Which software can enable you with the opportunity of anticipating a great success and achieving goals, immediate business targets? There is a fierce competition for clients in this area. Vtiger will provide you with a standard feature set and a general sense of well-being. SuiteCRM can wind your way through obstacles and gain you a substantial income. Estimating all advantages and disadvantages of these systems can bring you to conclusion that migration from Vtiger to SuiteCRM is a well-advised action. However, it is a daring choice you need to take by yourself.

Migration as a Simple Action

Data2CRM provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to migrate from Vtiger to SuiteCRM for free. This online service will transfer all your CRM data automatically with breakneck speed. Besides, there is no need for extra skills or human interaction.

5 Steps of Migration from Vtiger to SuiteCRM

  1. Go to http://app.data2crm.com/ and create your account at Data2CRM. Provide your username and password.

2. Define your Vtiger URL, provide your login and access key.

3. Specify your SuiteCRM URL, username and password.

4. Choose Vtiger Migration Options (accounts, opportunities, leads, contacts, tasks, users) and then run the Demo Migration.

5. Start automated Vtiger to SuiteCRM Migration.

With this pertinent information, you have learned how to migrate Vtiger to SuiteCRM. So, don’t think too long. Now all you need is to register Data2CRM account and start your migration to dream SuiteCRM!

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