I ask for help to bring honesty back to data

:: invest@deets.io

Breitbart reported how Google’s Eric Schmidt colluded with Podesta. Sputnik reported how Google was manipulating searches to favor Hillary.

That all happened during the presidential campaign. Now Google says it will tell us what “fake” news is. Which would mean the news of Breitbart, Sputnik, and Wikileaks, may be silenced. So for the next presidential go-around only the “real” news that told us Hillary was going to win, will be allowed.

“Fake” news is where the real world is getting their data from. “Fake” news is what lead to an outcome the real news did not predict. What I propose, to have Deets be a data door to the real world; with user friendly apps that map directions, finance, news, entertainment, and politics. Minus Google’s censorship.

How? We don’t need to be l33t apps makers. We simply hire hot apps developers like Fuzzproductions.com to make Deets apps that map to our audience. While we have the best brand ambassadors, you, your friends, and your audience, to tell the world.

The business, Deets can be 75% owned by you, I’m fine with that. Right now Deets is a website, an idea, with you its more. A more where we can tell our story on AngelList to attract investment rounds. A more where we can tell our story on Kickstarter to attract crowd funding for new app projects.

In a Trump America I see a great 8 years for us to breakout of the Google plantation.

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