The Data Choice Price Guarantee

Due to conversations with both corporate and private investors we have made a decision to offer a price promise to our investors.

With the current crypto market going through a tough time we have made the decision to help our crypto investors out where possible.

As we have all seen over the last 60 days Ether has dropped by roughly 48% in value. This causes massive issues within the crypto space due to potential loses some people are sat on a perceived loses compared to if they had sold earlier.

To help with this Data Choice have decided to offer our 90 days (-60/+30) price guarantee. Data Choice will allow you to invest today and get the highest possible rate for your cryptocurrency ETH,BTC,BCH and LTC.

For an investment today as an example 1 ETH was worth $280 at midnight that would get you 2,800 DCT tokens plus the 630 stage bonus tokens giving you 3,430 DCT tokens today however on the 18th June the high posing in the last 60 days it would have got you 5,800 DCT’s plus 1,305 DCT stage bonus tokens making it 7,105 DCT tokens. Data Choice will honour what ever was the highest point in the 60 days prior to your investment for the base tokens. Meaning that we will give you an additional 3,000 DCT tokens based on the highest amount in the last 60 days.

But what happens if the crypto goes up in price?

Well we have thought of that. If the crypto currency you pay with goes up in the next 30 days we will honour the highest amount at that point.

Why have we done this?

There is some speculation that Initial Coin Offerings from earlier this year have suddenly dumped huge amounts of crypto across exchanges causing the massive drop in value. Our plan was never to sell what we take in all at once. Due to the nature of what we do and the fact that a lot of our cash outgoings are on company acquisition and events we can afford to hold onto to the currencies until they recover to appropriate levels and then release them in phases as appropriate.

Yes some of our intake will be released earlier to cover development costs etc but the majority can be released at hoc limiting our exposure.

What about existing investors?

We feel it’s only fair to offer this to existing investors too. So anyone who has partaken in early stage investment will be honoured under the same terms.

How long is this on for?

Not long! We plan to only run this across our first three phases totalling 112,500,000 DCT Tokens.

With current Venture Capital discussions it’s hard to predict how long this will be open for, it could be a month, 6 weeks or a week depending on when contracts complete.


If you have any questions please contact