Your Personal Data And How It’s Used Online

If you go online and sign up for any service, you will need to provide a bunch of different details about yourself. In fact, some subscription services even require you to provide them with your email address and your mobile phone, and even verify this by sending automated links before you can use their data. Now, a question arises here; what do companies do with your data? What is the main purpose for which they collect your data? And what are the risks that you face associated with the collection of such data?

The answer, as most of you already know, is pretty simple: this data is used by companies in order to redirect targeted ads. There are many different ways in which your data can be used by local companies, so you might want to go through the company’s terms and conditions document first to figure out how they intend to use your data. Unfortunately, most people don’t go through the entire document and, as a result, don’t realize how their information might be used. To make it easier for you, here are just a few different ways by which companies use your personal information and data.


A great many companies now use your personal information in order to bombard you with advertisements they think are relevant to you. Most people don’t realize this but the information is usually collected in the background, which the companies then use to profile you and send suitable targeted ads. Of course, your search information is also copied in the background and is used most commonly by different companies in order to send tailored ads straight to your browser. In fact, virtually all of the companies that now offer free services use this type of subscription model in order to generate revenue while still offering a free service.


Many of the subscription services that collect your information now sell it further; you might not know this, but there are actual data brokers that sell information from one company to another. Since we live in the age of Big Data, the value of data has grown considerably.

Data brokers usually collect a lot of personal information that can be sold ahead. Most of the information is collected through the use of cookies, including mobile phone numbers, name, age, gender, property ownership, approximate age of your children, income details, and many other particular snippets of informations. These are then purchased on the market by different vendors and are used in a variety of capacities. Companies use this information in order to tailor their products and advertisements according to their consumer base.

A number of companies have now come out and publicly stated what kind of information they collect from their customers. Due to the misuse of personal data, many companies have even shared details of how they use your information. You might want to protect yourself by going through the company’s legal documentation in order to find out how they will use your information.

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