DataCity is launching in Berlin!

DataCity Berlin kick-off on April 18th, 2018

Apr 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Berlin, April 18th — NUMA is excited to announce the launch of DataCity in Berlin. NUMA’s Smart City open innovation platform was officially launched at a city-wide event with over 100 guests from the city, corporate and startup-side. Darius Moeini, Managing Director of NUMA Berlin and city representatives Dr. Thomas Letz (Office of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Senate Chancellery, Coordination Smart City Berlin) and Sebastian Askar (Berlin Senate for Economy, Energy & Businesses, Open Data Representative) welcomed the guests and shared their perspective on how data-driven innovation can shape city-life in Berlin. NUMA Berlin is proud to announce a strong setup of corporate partners across a range of different industries for the first edition of the program:

  • ALBA, a recycling company with roots in Berlin and global operations creating waste-management systems for the future
  • Mercedes Benz, a car manufacturer which is now transforming into a mobility service provider for the 21st century
  • ALBA Basketball, Berlin-based basketball team with the largest fan-club in Germany leveraging the benefits of the digitization
  • HERE, a mapping and location-data company, creating a digital representation of reality to improve the way everyone and everything lives, moves and interacts
  • Viessmann, a manufacturer of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems, envisioning and creating living spaces for generations to come
Darius Moeini, Managing Director of NUMA Berlin, Introducing DataCity Berlin

DataCity Network & Challenges — A multi-level approach to innovation

To allow different levels of engagement in open innovation projects, DataCity is simultaneously launching a local innovation network and industry-centric multi-month challenges. The DataCity Network convenes corporate partners as well as local innovators from the city-side and startup-ecosystem in a series of ideation-workshops and public meetups to explore the potential of data-driven cross-sector collaboration and identify themes for joint projects. The first series of DataCity challenges — hosted by Daimler and Alba — will accelerate specific innovation-projects that are rooted in one industry but interface with other sectors toward working prototypes over a period of several months, closely matching local needs and scouting the best startups to participate in a co-creation process of solutions with corporate partners and city-mentors.

Co-Creating Smart Solutions for Local Challenges

How will a Smart City Berlin look like and what role will technology play in shaping the city of the future? From driverless cars to chatbots in public administration — technology and smart solutions can improve city life, addressing issues this bustling metropolis faces. An increasing population (in the past 10 years Berlin grew by nearly 200,000 people), growing road traffic and a difficult parking situation (car-owners spend an estimated 62 hours annually looking for a parking lot) are just some of the challenges Berliners experience.

For the upcoming decades Berlin has set ambitious climate-targets, aiming for a climate-neutral operation of the Senate and district-administrations by 2030 and a climate-neutral city by 2050, presenting a great opportunity for future-oriented innovation-projects.

DataCity will support the exploration and initiation of several data-driven and needs-centric innovation projects and — with Daimler and Alba as challenge partners of the first edition — begin by addressing mobility and waste management-topics.

Learn more about DataCity Berlin

Join NUMA Berlin for the upcoming Smart City meetup-series, network with other Smart City innovators in Berlin, meet the most exciting startups and initiatives and stay tuned on the progress of our local challenges in the mobility and waste-management space.

If you are interested in learning more about DataCity Berlin contact us at

The DataCity Berlin team from left to right : Jonas Schorr (Smart City Coach), Darius Moeini (NUMA Berlin CEO), Lucie Avelange (Project Manager), Maximilian Thess (Program Manager), Daniela Lopez (Innovation coach)

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Originally published at on April 17, 2018.

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