Show in 10 weeks what data and code can do for the greater good.

For example, a project in Chicago uses open data to prevent food poisoning and to optimize restaurant inspections. Why not use the idea and the existing code to solve the same problem in other cities? We have curated a list of impressive reusable data-driven projects for social good. Help us to build a replication framework and maximize replications until August 31st, 2015. We will map your replications and provide support.

What is it?

DataLook is a directory of reusable data-driven projects for social good. Each project starts with a suboptimal condition in a community and the desire to effect change on it by innovatively using data. We are a non-profit project on a mission to encourage and simplify the replication of such projects. Over the past year we have been collecting 250+ projects on datalook.io. Now, it’s time to select the ones that stand out. We have curated a shortlist of the most impressive reusable projects. Their impact can and should be multiplied. Let’s work together and bring these projects to more communities. Let’s do the #openimpact replication marathon.

Is replication feasible?

Oh yeah! Ten weeks sounds short, but some of the projects can be replicated within a day if all the ingredients are present. Other projects require more time, but the replication process can be started immediately. To make replication easier in the future DataLook will be building a replication framework during the #openimpact marathon — think of it as recipe model that structures information and enables you to cook a delicious dish. Read more about the first version of the replication framework here. We want to learn from your feedback and gradually improve the framework.

Why this #openimpact marathon?

These projects just deserve it. They are innovative and they make sense. They are beacons for anyone who cares about using data for the greater good.

Why ten weeks? We have a deadline for presenting the results of the marathon to a jury of a TEDx competition. We want to win a TEDx talk and tell a story: If we all work together to reach X replications of Y projects in ten weeks, imagine how many projects and their impact can be replicated in a year! DataLook won’t stop after the ten weeks. The first replications will just seed the process. We will refine the framework and use it to present projects on datalook.io. Ultimately, more projects will be replicated more easily and thus more often, furthering impact.

What next?

Civic hackers / data scientists: Choose a project! Join us on Slack, find a team and start working! 
Organizations: Activate your community! Use your channels to spread the word about the #openimpact marathon! Organize a hackathon! Sponsor a prize for replications!

You like the idea and want to participate? Great! Get in touch with us:

Slack | Twitter | Facebook | openimpact@datalook.io
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