If your culture creates Ricks, firing a Rick won’t fix your problems. But it will slow everything down for a while as your next Rick is bred in the coming panic.

I don’t know the right way to fix Rickism or a Rick producing culture, but I do know a Rick will not be happy unless they are creating value. It seems foolish to waste that energy. Maybe give your Rick a small, competent staff, an operational mandate with clear value and a hard boundary of responsibility (whoa did I just describe a “microservice?”). Maybe put them in solutions engineering, where limited scope and schedules will limit the impact of work hoarding and where know-it-all-ism is frequently an asset.

The other thing to keep in mind, here: there’s a chance you hired a bunch of unproductive engineers, who have chosen to blame their lack of productivity on the only person getting things done because your culture makes this acceptable. In this case: good luck with that rewrite.

    Matthew Mark Miller

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    I prefer nerd actually. Why put on aires?