The Gender Wage Gap of the 21st Century.

There has been a lot of debate about women being underrepresented in the corporate world and in decision making. This is probably because of the traditional ideas about the roles of girls and women which restrict their contributions to Kenya. Ideas such as women belonging to the kitchen hold women back from contributing to important development goals; especially in the areas of economic growth, nutrition, and food security.

Moreover, seven years after the promulgation of the 2010 constitution which is against gender discrimination, Kenyan women are still not receiving equal pay for equal work done.

Therefore, this analysis, based on the KNBS data, sparked an interest to check the wage employment distribution by gender and monthly income bracket.

It is evident that over the years; 2013–2017, men were overpaid in all monthly income brackets. The monthly income bracket; 30,000–49, 999 Kshs had the highest number of men and women, followed closely by the 50,000–99,999 bracket, while the bracket 0–9,999 Kshs had the lowest.