There is a significant drop in the number of students crossing from primary to secondary school.

If you are a commuter, then you’ve definitely experienced what it means when it’s back to school period. From traffic jams to quite a lot of commotion on the road during rush hour, one can tell how school going children and students have an impact on the flow of traffic every weekday.

Using the 5 most populous countries, according to the 2009 census, the enrollment rate numbers at pre-school, primary school and secondary school were plotted.

To note is the significant drop of students crossing from primary to secondary school. Nairobi recorded the highest pre-school enrollment at 194, 637 and Kiambu the least at 99, 061. Kakamega recorded the highest primary school enrollment at 537, 247 and Nairobi the least at 254, 476. The county with the highest secondary school enrollment was Kakamega at 139, 168 and the least being Bungoma at 14, 986.