Things to Keep in Mind Before You Sell on Amazon

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Online business owners consider Amazon a perfect place for widening their customer base and increasing sales. Being the world’s largest Internet-based retailer, Amazon offers many opportunities to its sellers, helping them place their products in front of millions of prospects and customers, giving them a huge boost. Amazon marketplace has continued to grow over the years and is mainly known for its prowess in the field of eCommerce.

By going through this article you will get an idea of what selling on the giant eTailer ‘Amazon’ involves.

Let’s start with the most important aspects that you should be knowing.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The area on the right of the product page that contains the ‘Add to Cart’ call to action. It begins the purchasing process of the shopper. While browsing on Amazon, shoppers can see a list of the available sellers by clicking on the ‘Offers’ link below the description of the product.

By owning the Buy Box for a product, the seller can increase its sales and maximize profits. As, it has been tried and tested that majority of the purchases are made through the Buy Box.

Merchants who meet their performance-based requirements become the Buy Box eligible sellers. By maintaining their performance levels, they can retain this status.

How a Seller Becomes a Featured Merchant and Win the Buy Box?

With multiple sellers offering the same product, it is difficult to win the Buy box by becoming the featured seller. Also, thinking that your site will be ranked high to become a featured merchant is quite unrealistic. But no matter what the case is, whether you’ll be winning the buy box listing or not, you must be aware that how it actually works and how different parts of the site are valued. Amazon has a complex algorithm to decide which seller comes where on the page. It values what falls in line with eCommerce best practices.

Factors Affecting the Positioning of a Seller in Offers List

* Competition

The more the number of sellers, the more difficult it is to reach the top of the offers list.

* History as a Seller on Amazon

Merchants who are connected to Amazon from a long time and have positive selling histories have better chances of getting one of the top positions.

* Product Pricing

It not only involves the price of the product, but also the shipping charges. Customers prefer buying products at comparatively low prices.

* Reviews

Customer reviews play an important role in making or breaking the business. They can help in boosting up the sales.

There are many other factors as well that can help in optimizing sales. Delivering the product on time and staying in touch with your customers along the way matters. Further, making sure that every transaction you receive through Amazon runs smoothly can serve the purpose.

Some Factors That Can Help in Boosting Seller Ranking

  • Start by selling a low competition item
  • Offer a competitive price on popular items

When planning to sell on Amazon, it is better to know every important aspect related to it beforehand. Proper research can make your online business climb the ladder of success.

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