The Date Caddie Guide to Dating on a Budget:

Free and Inexpensive Date Ideas for your Next Date

Some call it cheap, others call it smart.

What makes a date inexpensive? That will vary between people, for me its under $25.00 because I can afford to do these a couple times a week.

For those that read my last post, I asked Chris about his amazing telescope beach date, and it turns out, they didn’t get ice cream but they did get hot chocolate. I say close enough.

The Pain

Thinking of date ideas is hard enough, and free and inexpensive ones can be near impossible. Take a second and try for yourself.

You done?

How many did you come up with? If you got more than three then you have a talent and you should share it with others on our website. Everyone else, this post is for you.

We shouldn’t eat out at nice restaurants or drink at fancy lounges for every date, regardless of how much we make. That would be a serious waste of money and boring in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, these are great on occasion.

So what do you do in between?

You get creative. Let me share a few from our website with you. Hopefully this will open your mind to what is possible on a date.

Fun, Free and Inexpensive Ideas for your Next Date

Dog Walking at the SPCA

  • Free

Buy a couple of pumpkins and have a carving contest

  • under $20.00, but seasonal

Compete to see who can cook a specific dish better

  • Price of ingredients, but you have to eat anyways

Build a fort and watch scary movies

  • Free, perfect with Halloween coming up

Cosmic Bingo — Yes, that’s a thing

  • ~$25.00

Ice Skating or Rollerblading

  • Free

A hike — discover hidden gems in your province

  • The price of gas

Rent Bikes and explore your city

  • ~$25.00

The Arcade

  • ~$20.00 — depends how much you play and how long you stay

Attend a flea market or visit thrift stores — you don’t even have to buy anything. Or you can buy something from a flea market and fix it up together. See if you can sell it on Kijiji for a profit.

  • can be $0 or you can make money

And lastly, my favourite. Such a simple date but so out of the ordinary, which makes it unique.

Airport Backroads

  • Just the price of gas and maybe a coffee or hot chocolate or two

If none of these interest you, here is a list of 50 Fun, Cheap dates (that aren’t netflix) and a list of 30 dates under $30.00, just for you.

Thanks for reading,