DateMe: Unchaining Blockchain for Daters

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, we are sure you’ve heard of dating apps . With $1,383 million worth Global market to be tapped, dating apps are all over the place promising to disrupt the world as we know it. However, this hasn’t been the reality so far, even with evolving technology, apps have been all about swiping left and right, watching ads and being catfished; finding people with similar interests has been quite a hassle. With that being said, we devised DateMe, a dating platform aiming to provide an experience imbibed of rich communication features and interest based matchmaking that stands out in the crowded, me-too marketplace.

Our Team was quick to realize that contemporary popular dating apps are not doing justice as they maximize user time spent on the platform to generate advertising and subscription revenue. Instead of showing customers their most compatible matches, they show minimally satisfactory matches in order to keep them endlessly searching. On the flipside, DateMe Team uses Blockchain Technology to change the primitive nature of matchmaking and further scale it to the potential it deserves! With experts in entertainment, technology, and media, Dateme Team extensively researched use cases like flings, long-term relationships, platonic relationships, casual networking, etc. enabling to classify customers and customize it for each niche. Using psychology, machine learning, and distributed trust systems further leverages us to eradicate issues such as poor messaging behavior, fake accounts, and misuse of personal data.

Keeping Blockchain technology at par with Machine Learning, empowers us to construct smart contracts, advanced custom data structures, and 3rd party app integrations and further enables us to let go complementary issues associated with matchmaking and communication thereafter. DateMe’s product philosophy allows for very deep customization for users who are specific about who they want to meet and save filters such as location, ethnicity, religion, eating habits, and music characteristics in their profile to find the best match possible!
Seamless Integrations for data about preferences with 3rd party
applications such as Instagram, Yelp, etc. highlights interests of a probable date to ascertain compatibility. For instance, one can open
a conversation based on liking of food or music instead of saying a “Hi” or a
cheesy pickup line. To further add on, 3rd party gamification
would let users to play fun games such as ‘Truth or dare’, ‘Tic tac toe’, etc. with the matches and help foster relationships in a subtle way. Liberating itself off the conventional norms of the dating world, DateMe breaks on through to the other side!

Hence, solving the hassles of traditional dating apps and websites where they tend to somewhat fail in matching an individual with another based on their deep interests. AI and machine learning further enhance the possibility to seek and find perfect matches by sifting through large volume of profiles and data which our users would find significant and worthwhile, thus making it a customer centric solution unlike other apps largely focusing on revenue generation by minimally meeting the prime objective of real dating phenomenon.

DateMe offers optional features to share feedback post communication and uses advanced sentiment analysis to figure out if you went on a date. This feedback along with other parameters are essential data for third-party algorithms to make accurate recommendations for people to match, thus making it a win-win situation for users willing to take the road less traveled.

To progress and expand the community, we are all set to raise capital via the sale of the DMX Token. DMX renders an opportunity to many individuals to be part of our journey and contribute to a platform that improves the experience of meeting new matches.

DateMe token sale will be on the Ethereum Blockchain via an EIP20 Token. The “DMX” token is an utility token that is used for the services on DateMe, and also used for its advanced features and integrated services. The funds raised will be used for development of the DATEME Ecosystem and further expand the community and accelerate our vision into a reality for many to enjoy across the globe.

DMX Token

The DateMe Token Distribution Event will be held using ICOTIN, an Enterprise Grade ICO Release Platform, which is not dependent on Ethereum for the release of tokens. This platform has already been used for other ICOs and has proved to be secure and fault resistant. The ICOTIN accepts payments in any currency and can release the token on any blockchain (smart contract based platform). DateMe is using the Ethereum platform for token release. ICOTIN uses USD as the baseline currency, with ICO prices in USD and people are able to buy with their USD balance. An investor will be able to select which currency to send to ICOTIN platform which will then convert to a fixed USD balance. This method de-risks issues like contract address duplication, as there is a unique address for each transaction.

DMX tokens will be fully pre-mined and created in 1 phase. Earlybird bonus details and Token Distribution Event at

Interested investors can purchase DMX with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin . For more information, please visit

Official Dateme ICO Details:

Total token: 12,500,000,000