“Break it to me gently ….” or maybe not?

4 Ways To Breakup With Your Partner

Breaking up with a loved one is never easy unless you’re a total douche who mastered the “Hide and never come back” game with every person you’ve been with. But if you’re not, good for you! At least you know you’re capable of truly loving someone. But that’s life! Not all relationships work the way you wanted it to be. People would always tell you, if it’s fixable do something about it but what if it isn’t anymore? How would you end it? Where would you even start? Well, worry no more! Here are simple guidelines for breaking up.

Guide No. 1 Assess yourself.

Are you sure about breaking up? Because you can’t just say it and take it back the next day. You’ll just make things more complicated. Another thing, don’t ever breakup when you’re drunk if you don’t want to be kicked in the balls.

Breaking up isn't easy.

Guide No.2 Stop making excuses.

You can never deny the feeling of guilt when you breakup with someone but that’s the consequence you have to endure. Don’t worry sooner or later it will wear off especially when she finds someone new but for the meantime, just eat it all out and more video games for you!

Guide No. 3 Do the silent treatment.

Doing the silent treatment could actually make things easier for you. The moment she notices it (of course she will) could give her a hint that something is bothering you and instead of you initiating a serious talk, there is a 99% chance she’ll do it for you which leads to our last but most important tip …


The truth hurts deal with it! You can never find a less painful way to breakup. But simply telling the truth without those shitty pickup lines you heard from movies will lessen her burden. Lying is never an option because believe me they’ll eventually know the truth. Just think of the golden rule, you wouldn’t want someone lying to you while breaking up right? And consider the fact that you’ve also loved that person even though things did not work out. She still deserves to know the truth unless you’re again that total douche … but I believe you’re not that’s why you’re reading this.

Like what I have said a breakup is never easy. You must prepare yourself. She might accept it that easy or she might kick you in the ass or even throw something at you but whatever she’ll do to you, just let her. If that’s her way of easing her pain then let her, besides you’re the cause of her pain so you have no right to be mad at her for punching you in the face. Just remember time will heal the both of you. If things went wrong, maybe you’re not just meant with each other. Maybe you both deserve someone better; maybe it’s not yet the right time for both of you and maybe … you just don’t love her the way you used to anymore but whatever that maybes are what’s important is that you’re not that total douche. You are man enough to take responsibility for your actions and feelings. So cheers! Welcome to the “not douche” club! For more love tips, help and general dating guidence please check out http://wowdate.co.uk/.

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