How to Turn Down Someone on a Dating Website

Online dating sites might give you the impression that your words don’t have the same weight as they would in “real life”, in face to face situation. You might even feel that it’s easier, to be honest, and straightforward in the virtual world of love seeking. Time is short, it’s time to move on, we don’t need the hassle. Well, that is where you are wrong.

1. We are all humans

Keep in mind, that you are still contacting real people, with real intentions and especially, real emotions. Surely it’s way easier to say no to someone, or simply ignore them if they are hundreds of miles away, but you still have to respect each other. Don’t think of online dating sites as a virtual world where different rules are applied than in real life. Stay true to yourself, be honest, and handle people’s emotions with care — just as you would in a face to face situation.

2. How to say no

When you find yourself in the difficult situation where a person seems to have an interest in you, while you don’t share the same feeling, you might find yourself wondering about the best ways to put an end to this case of never fulfilling love interest. Saying no is always a challenge, especially when it comes to dating, so let’s see the most important rules of turning someone down on a dating site.

3. Time is the key

Obviously, we are talking about totally different cases if you two have only exchanged a few messages, or if you have already a few dates behind you. The more fortunate scenario for turning someone down might be the earlier one, where you can simply express your feelings, without a bigger risk. Once you have got to the second level, and you have had a date or a few of them, the stakes are much higher. Most importantly, be 100% sure of your decision in both scenarios before taking action.

4. Use the words wisely

Whether you got to the decision while you are only chatting cheerfully, or you have visited all the top restaurants in the city together, you should lay out some plans before you’d make your move. The best way is to think of the recipe of 2 positives + 1 negatives. Try to emphasize the great time you had chatting or dating, highlight the best moments you had together and finally come out with your decision. After you have done so, give it a positive ending, by wishing good luck to the other person and tell them that you appreciate the time they have had dedicated to you. Don’t forget that these are important moments for both of you, emotionally. Avoid getting and making others hurt.

In all cases, don’t underestimate the seriousness of your situation. Even though you have met on an online dating site, we are still real people with real feelings, in search of the one and true love. Respect each other and each other’s feelings, dedicate enough time for yourself to come up with the most suitable and most painless ending. Saying no is always hard, even when you have to do it online.