Different beauty routines

“If you are confident, you are beautiful” ~ Unknown~

Have you ever watched your grandma or mom in the morning getting ready, doing their hair and putting their makeup on?

I can remember watching my mom and a few times my grandma and always wondering why they did what they did to get ready.

Then I grew up and started getting used to a morning “getting ready” routine of my own. Everyone’s routine is different. It could be really simple or really long.

Depending on the person and the time period they grew up in, they can be very different.

I’d like to share some of my favorite beauty routines from history. I absolutely love history!

So let’s dive in!


Were the first to cultivate extravagant beauty fashion. They used cosmetics in their beauty routines, religious ceremonies and in preparation for burial.

Their cosmetics consisted of minerals, insects, berries and other natural ingredients to create makeup for their eyes lips and skin.

Henna was used to color their hair a rich red. They were also the first to use essential oils from leaves, blossoms and bark to create perfumes and soaps.


Hair styling became a highly developed skill. They used lavish cosmetics and perfumes in their religious rites, as well as in grooming and in medicinal care.

Elaborate baths were built for the care of hair, skin and nails.

Women applied a mixture of chalk and white lead to their faces, kohl around their eyes and a mixture of cinnabar ( a red powder) to their lips.


Facials were the most important thing for these women. Mixtures of milk, bread and fine wine was one the masks that were used.

Women used hair color to indicate their place in society. Noble-women would tinted their hair red. Middle-class colored their hair blonde, and poor women colored their hair black.


Western civilization made the transition between medieval to modern. Paintings and writings tell us a great deal about the grooming practices of the time.

A very odd habit in this time period was to shave the eyebrows and hairline to show off more of the forehead.

This look was supposed to give a woman an even greater look of intelligence.

Both men and women took great pride in their physical appearance and wore elegant and elaborate clothing. However, the use of colorful cosmetics were discouraged.

Victorian Age

Cosmetics and grooming was highly influenced by the social mores of an austere and restrictive time in history.

Health and beauty preservation was the most important thing. Mixtures of honey, milk, eggs, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables were applied to the face like a mask.

Women in this period would bite their lips and pinch their cheeks to get color, rather than applying rouge or lip color.

Twentieth Century

Reveals a time when the beauty standards of women began to change. Motion pictures were all the rage. As viewers saw these pictures they were inspired to follow the trends of Hollywood fashion.

Women on television had beautiful flawless complexions, beautiful hairstyles and manicured nails.

Beauty applications began to follow the trends set by celebrities and society figures.

What do you think?

I have always found it really interesting watching the changes in styles and what seems to inspire them.

The desire to feel and look beautiful has been around for awhile and some of the trends have been a little odd to say the least.

I know I didn’t go into a lot of beauty trends from now, or even when grandmothers were around, but does anyone remember a weird trend that they tried or thought was really different?

Please share below or on my Facebook page! I’d love to hear about it.