Lice, Nightmare or not?

I was driving with my mom a couple of weeks ago to pick up my brother from school and to run a couple errands with her. We were sitting in the line just chatting and having a good time.

It was our turn to pull up to the loading area and up comes Sam, “Hi Sam, how

was your day?” My mom asks, “It was fine. I have a couple letters for you to sign for my teacher, I also have a letter from the school, some kids at school have lice and the teachers wanted to let the parents know.”

The dreaded “Lice at school note”

I and my mom instantly got itchy (I’m sure you did too!)

The talk of lice naturally gets people feeling itchy and uncomfortable.

I’ve had a couple situations at the salon where moms have come in with little kids with lice or they themselves have lice.

Of course it’s a big deal for the salon and we have to tell them to leave. It’s very contagious.

However, it’s not the nightmare that you think it is.

I’m going to share a couple facts about lice that I didn’t know till I went to cosmetology school. I think you will sigh in relief to know that the next time your kid comes and gives you that note that the school has lice;

It’s not because of your hygiene

It’s a common misconception that people that live in dirty homes or don’t wash their hair all the time are more than likely to get lice. This is not true.

Lice love clean hair! So don’t be too quick to judge or assume that your clean headed child won’t get the lice at school.

You don’t need to cut your hair off to get rid of it

It is a true fact that if you have longer hair it will take a little bit more to get rid of that lice. However, you don’t really need to part with your long locks, just yet.

There are ways to get rid of them! And it doesn’t involve sleeping with mayonnaise on your hair.

Lice can’t live on your furniture, pets, or clothes

The first reactions of all the moms I’ve talked with about their kids having lice is that they need to now go home and clean their whole house!

Guess what? Lice is a human specific host, meaning that it can’t survive on pets, furniture, clothes or your beds. The only way that you can get it, is if you touch your head up against your child’s head.

Great news right!!

Focus on the hair treatment, not the house.

Best ways to get rid of it

Good news, there are new ways to get rid of lice without having to sleep with some concoction in your hair.

Nit picking with a comb is going to help a lot. A nit pick is a special comb that you can use to comb off the little nits in your hair. Nits are little eggs that lice lay on the strand of your hair. It’s a little tiny white oval shape.

Tea tree oil is a great substitute and healthy for your hair compared to lice shampoo, the pesticides that are used can be pretty harmful for your hair. (This is your decision what to use, don’t take my word for it, do your research too)


  • Keep calm!
  • Get your supplies, tea tree shampoo and nit comb
  • If it’s your daughter with longer hair, section off the hair so you can see everything easily
  • Pick off all the nits that you see!
  • Then wet and wash the hair with the shampoo that you chose
  • Continue this process everyday till you don’t see any more nits or lice

So to end the story with my mom and my brother Sam.

Sam didn’t get lice. He did say though that a couple kids came to school the next day bald and very upset.

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