Music Mogul and Marketing Guru becomes millionaire while running for mayor to save his City

David Hunter
Jan 9 · 3 min read
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Baltimore City is a major U.S. city with an estimated population of 609 thousand citizens. It is well known for its historic past and popular sports teams, while infamously known for its high crime-rate and corrupt former administrations.

With the new year started and so much to look forward to, Baltimore City citizens will be called on to vote for a new mayor, a mayor they hope will reduce the high crime-rate and poverty, amongst many other things, to bring new light to the neglected city.

Well-known candidate Carlmichael “Stokey” Cannady is the man the city has been praying for.

Stokey is well known to us and our culture but many don’t understand what he’s leaving behind to do this job.

Carlmichael “Stokey” Cannady is a Baltimore native who is deeply involved in numerous programs, campaigns, and projects — many of which he pioneered — targeted at reviving the city and empowering the youth.

He is the CEO and Founder of The Stokey Project. The Stokey Project, whose mission is to provide insight to those who have a passion to succeed beyond what’s expected, is one of many endeavors that is crucial to the success of his initiatives.

He manages numerous acts from Multi-Platinum Producer “Menoh Beatz” to Top Billboard artist “Lil Skies.”

“Stokey” currently works alongside local staple Shoe City, restructuring the company’s brand and bringing local standouts on board such as NBA player Will Barton, Roc Nation’s Emory Jones, and many others.

With much more successful ventures unmentioned, it goes without saying that Mr. Cannady is the epitome of success as someone who has a troubled past.

With so much achieved success, why would Mr. Cannady want to be mayor of Baltimore City?

Who Mr. Cannady is makes him the perfect candidate for mayor.

“Stokey” has a genuine interest in seeing his city prosper. His heavy involvement in the community has won him many accolades and much recognition from the communities and people he will serve.

Although not a career politician, the people know who he is because he is present.

Former administrations only seemed to be in the communities when tragedies unfolded or when the high crime and murder rate, and the neglected neighborhoods, were brought into national spotlight.

Important to note of past administrations is the corruption of former mayor Sheild Dixon who resigned as part of a plea agreement on charges of misdemeanor embezzlement and Catherine Pugh, who resigned in May of 2019 due to multiple charges of fraud and tax evasion.

As if the six-figure salary wasn’t good enough.

Baltimore City needs a leader who will spend more time focusing on the future of the city, rather than stuffing their pockets with taxpayers’ dollars.

Given Mr. Cannady’s background, success, ties to the community, and degree of wealth, turning Baltimore into a thriving-prosperous city will be no issue.

David Hunter is an American writer and host of a podcast about real-world views and opinions on life called Fundamentally Informed — available on iTunes Podcasts and Spotify.

David Hunter

Written by

American writer and host of the Fundamentally Informed podcast. Now available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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