How many Software Engineers are there in Seattle Metro as of Jan 1, 2018?

Roughly: 67,000

Not Technical Product Managers, or DevOps Engineers, or QA Associates, or CTOs. Just software engineers from just out of school, to Sr SDEs and then Leads. These are the people who do the bulk of coding on the products Seattle-based companies release every year.

Looking at all the roles that are needed to create the software products, mobile apps, SaaS, and Cloud-based services we all know and love, the breakdown looks like this:

  • Software Engineering (all roles from SDE up to CTO): ~90,000
  • Project + Program Management: ~30,000
  • Product Management: ~10,000
  • Data Science: ~1,000

Total: ~131,000

Yup, just shy of the current population of Bellevue, WA!

Source: LinkedIn