Stop allowing people to impact you

Ok, so this is definitely a bit of a rant for me but something you can take value from. For a few years I’ve been working on my personal ethos and while I’m still working on it this is my work in progress.

Fundamentally this is my belief.

You are the only person who can impact your life.

We all spend our lives talking about how “The bitch Jess ruined my day!”


Take control of how you are, if you are offended you are the person who took offence, you allowed someone to offend you, you allowed the offence to ruin your day!

You are the only person responsible your life, this means your happiness, your misery, EVERYTHING is your responsibility. If you are living a life where you believe anyone or anything can make or ruin your day you are giving other people too much power over your life, and frankly you are a coward. 
It is easy to allow people to control your life, it absolves you of the responsibility. If you have not achieved your life goals you cannot blame it on anyone but yourself.

That is where this turns and becomes positive because FUCK IT! If Jess is being a bitch it will only impact her life and you can continue to have a day controlled by you, you are fully in control of you achieving your goals.

This, of course, means you will hurt people, and that’s fine but I want you and everyone to accept control of their life and when you choose people to have in your circle you need to help them and start by teaching people this approach to life. This means that the people in your circle will have a healthier approach to life and that in turn will make the way they interact with you better.