It’s 2016 and you need a Digital Strategy

Had a crack at writing some thoughts on Twitter, but the word count is limiting :).

Firstly, just to get it off my chest, I can’t think of a single point that I don’t agree with in some way shape or form, maybe to greater or lesser extent, but in the main I agree.

I started off thinking we’re not in an age where we need Digital Strategies, we need Business Strategies that realise the context in which the world works. Everything and everyone is connected and connectable, we need to be more open; make better use of the networks we have avaiable to us, both physical and digital, no one can know everything and surely theres always a different way to look at problems.

For me this is the real ethos of what digital is about, its all 20 points above, but and there’s always a but, I think the continued use of ‘digital’ in everything is becoming an excluding factor in bringing the organisation along for the ride. While is seeks to be inclusie in it’s principles sometimes the opposite is true in reality, ‘Digital’ has become an exclusive club, great for those inside but difficult to penetrate for those on the outside. I think this is more prevelant in orgnisations seeking to become ‘digital’ rather than those created this way. You see ‘digital’ depts in organisations and, not nessecarily knowingly, they exclude large swathes of the ‘old’ organisation, but maybe thats ok, maybe these old ways of working need to be drop kicked and you either change the people or you change the people. My worry is that not enough is being done to bring them along for the ride and the default is they just change the people.

Ultimatly I agree with the ethos, this isn’t about Digital Strategies, nor do I think it’s about becoming a ‘digital’ organsaition, as the meme will surely pass. It’s about organisations adapting to an ever changing environment where user expectations are continually changing and where competitors spring up overnight from unusual places. To survive this organisations need to be more flexible and following the 20 points above is a good start.

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