Stop dumbing down food.

I despise how Big Food is only interested in mass markets and mass branding. In order to appeal to the greatest number of people, the prevailing belief is that everything must be aimed at the Lowest Common Denominator (LCD). This works to the extent that people buy stuff, and it’s easier for them to buy something if they know what it appears to be. That’s just dandy, but that mentality also effectively dumbs down our entire culture. The USA can use some smartening up, and the best way to achieve that is to make us reach for more. Make us curious, make us aspirational.

I know we can do it, consider a few of our great successes, for instance, in 1992 while traveling through a rural area, I met a hick who spouted all kinds of dumbass sht, but at the same time he was wearing a Who Killed Laura Palmer T-shirt. We partied all night long just on a few shared tokes and trading deep insights and thoughts about TwinPeaks. Twin Peaks was a freak show that made everyone, even Hicksville reach upwards out of the muck.

In travels over the more recent years, I’ve always smiled when I’ve seen packaged sushi in the rural Winn Dixie, supposed Land of them who would never eat “raw fish!?” That’s right, because Everyone can understand lighter, exotic food once given a chance or reason. The reason is because it’s cool to eat, the chance came from I guess some genius at WinnDixie.

Some suggestions to start with are; Mass market the nutty Japanese KitKat flavors. Green Tea is the most accessible, but Corn is an amazing Kit Kat experience. Crème Brulee is a flavor that KitKatters don’t even realize they want. The food freaks in japan have also come out with a Ritz cracker sandwich, not like the good ol’ peanut butter one you might get on an orange saltine, it’s a Milk Custard on a Ritz cracker. MMMMM GOOD.

This dumbing down comes in many forms in our society, not just foods. Entertainment is pretty seriously into the LCD, and the producers and studios are always surprised when some new indie comes along and shakes up their model of film story. They keep trying to make a formula out of the reactions the audiences, rather than the substance of the films.

But I’m not calling for an overall upgrading of our entire American Culture, that would require a lot more thought, I’m just saying Big Food, especially the distribution end of it, should consider their social responsibility to the food eaters of this great nation, the food eaters- aka EVERYONE. Upgrade our taste buds, upgrade our desires, upgrade our hopes!