Does anyone say this? Most people I find just say Catholic.
Q.E. Morales

I find people don’t talk about god in any definitive way except they use the pronoun He, so I was having the character trying to shove back against the common Judeo-Christian-Islamic conception of god by specifying as a way to assault a hallowed intellectual position. If I had thought of it before, I’d have called it pleading the first [commandment], or maybe pleading against the first.

The whole premise of their conversation is based on getting to the physical roots of the mind. Baby-time was different than now-time most specifically in Mind-time. I’m not advocating for a return to the crib, I think the incarnations of pure-child psychology in the 90s were pretty devastating to our conception of mind. I believe that the body still retains a language, what I’m calling preverbal in the story, and Baby-Time may give some clue to how to better express the body mind. wtf? Yes. wtf.