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I love your name Aphrodite. I’ve never taken the thoughts beyond what I can actually imagine happening. Here in NYC everyone complains about devicezombies. It’s very backwards thinking, imfho, so I am always trying to put forward a progressive or evolutionary way to think of it. Here the trend in walking (in NYC everyone walks everywhere, it’s the most face to face big city in the world) is to stay to your right. When I first noticed this, I called bullshit on it, because NYC has always been a wild place where you walked where you walked to get where you were going however you wanted to get there, generally in a hurry. But I see now that this right side walking actually allows people to be on their devices while they’re walking! This was when I started screwing around with the idea of Device-ive thinking, that is ways of thinking that are influenced by our use of devices. In any case, that gave rise to the idea expressed in the story. My hope is to get the words right to help move the process forwards by creating the vocabulary for people to identify it for what it is.

The next step, towards telepathy is one I can see the barest of outlines for, but if our minds are as sensitive and fast as I believe them to be, it would make sense that we could be telepathic etc. I’m a big believer that our intellects are what stop our minds from really reaching the power levels we might be able to reach.

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