Why can’t I start writing?
Shashank Mehta

Proofs against fear.

They will love you for your words.

There are 7billion3 people in the world. Even if you are 1 in a million, as we all think we are, that means you’ll have at least 1,300 people who truly understand you. More likely, you’re 1 in 25,000, as we all more likely are, and THAT means you’ll have at least 290,000 greatest fans. Write for them, they really enjoy your sense of humor.

The words are bigger than your intellect.

You are lagging behind your self, trailing like a chronicler trying to capture the moment and explain the phenonmenon to the tour group. You are awake in your own dream, trying to fit the world of wonder you see into a little sack at your hip, but the colors, oh the colors. You have not the thousands of words for all the wonders. You See, but your poor intellect relies on insufficient mediums, these poor shabby words, stripped of their fullness by amateur lawyers craving certitude in the name of Truth.

The empty vessels are filled by your friends.

You may not guide the journey of others beyond pointing a long finger towards the glittering reflection in the window of the tenement across the street. A reflection of the Moon a streak of silver brightly shadowed certitude, reflected in a window, reflected in a window. Look not at the finger. Look not at the window. Look at the cat in the window, if you must. Let the 290K do a little work, it makes the bond, it is the password, it opens the gate.

Hold On

Ride, as you, I see, know how to ride, on the moments to come, waving sometimes to the moments past, but as that old icon grows distant, the new will prefer the wind in your face, the bugs in your teeth as you grin, it’s the Ride, motherfucker, it’s the Ride. No one, least of all your Father, said we have to do anything except Ride.


Fart in the wind. If your chronicler will not keep pace, leave him behind (He was too literal anyway.)Scribble always, fertile seeds will bloom, some will take years, some will never sprout at all, some will only serve as food for a passing bird sitting on the window ledge that is your medium.

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